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“The Problem is Choice.”

Morning Guys,
“The problem is choice.”
A quote that was burned in to my head when it was the cornerstone point of the Matrix films.
We all have a choice. Some choices will be for ego/pride, others for sacrifice and some will be for the greater good. What often happens is people make a choice and regret it when in reality they shouldn’t because they made that choice, meaning that somewhere deep down that’s what they wanted.
While it is true that occasionally we can get persuaded in to choices we don’t really want to make (or so we think) there final decision always lies with you. No one can really force you to do anything that you don’t want to. Not really.
The human body have developed a system to warn us if a choice is a bad one, it’s called gut feeling and many choose to ignore it. We have all had that feeling, you know, the unsettling one where everything internally is screaming NO!!!! That’s gut feeling and to ignore it is a foolish die because it means 2 things:
1 – Danger
2 – You don’t really want this.
People will say they don’t have a choice, the reality of that is a weak logic for them to choose the comfort of the pain they already know. This is often accompanied with that ‘feeling’ that means you should be making a rather different choice, but we will do what we will do and in the end we are the architects of our own destiny as it were. You make the choice, you need to understand why you made it, was it comfort, pride, fear or something else?
The next time you are faced with a choice why not flip a coin because in those moments it’s turning i the air before it strikes the ground you will know what side you want it to land on. To once again quote the Matrix “You didn’t come here to make the choice already made the choice, you’re here to understand why you made it.”.

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