You’re Not a Dog

Morning All,

There are a lot of free gym classes, exercise groups and even personal training services available in the world today, yet despite this there is still an alarmingly large amount of people who are tipping the scale towards the side of obesity. Why do you think this is?

Obviously there are multiple reasons, however the common on is that of people feeling they deserve a treat after working out. You know, much like a dog that performs a trick and expects a Scooby snack for such good behaviour. This is sadly one of the issues that keep people from achieving their goal. 

Where is my proof? Attend a fitness class and see what happens when people finish. Observe how many head towards the canteen or nearest coffee shop for a large triple caramel macchiato and slice of cake as a treat for all their hard work, because, int here own words… “I’ve worked hard, this has already been burnt off.”.

…… *Face Palm.

Burning calories in the gym is a given, however the amount that people burn is not quite so easily established. There is not only human error but also technical and physiological (differing BRM’s etc) and as a result someone may think they’ve burned off 450 calories in an hour and then decide to have a 350 calorie snack as a treat because they’re still one up, this is where they get it wrong. The chances are that the 450 calories they thought they’ve burnt is actually closer to 300 because of all the factors listed above. They pretty much wipe out their ‘deficit’ in one reward meal.

People need to stop seeing food as a reward and start seeing it for what it really is, sustenance (building blocks, energy and something to help keep you balanced).

The old quote ‘You can’t out-train a bad diet’ is actually not that far from he truth because people underestimate how many calories they’re eating and overestimate how many they’re burning, thus never being able to out-train their caloric surplus heavy diet, be it ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Keep this in mind when you’re next justifying your treat, night out or binge eating because chances are you don’t ‘deserve’ it because you’re not in the caloric deficit you think you are. In the end it all comes down to setting calories accordingly, partitioning macro-nutrients specific to your goals, honesty and above all else consistency to the cause.


Enjoy, Ross

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