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When you’re in the gym are you training muscles of practicing movements?
You may or may not be aware that there is a difference between the two. One style is used by body builders of people looking to improve their aesthetic physique, the other is centered around improving sporting performance and becoming as strong/efficient as possible.
I believe it was Ernie Frantz who once said you can have Raw Power or Beautiful Muscles but not both. From a certain point of view this is indeed correct, however there is a way you can have the best compromise and not only look good but also be strong, you might just need to accept that you won’t look as good or be as strong as you possibly could if you specialsed in just one thing because of that basic law of specificity.
You also have the crowds of people who not only want to look good, have unearthly strength but also fitness of an elite athlete and perhaps the technical skills of a professional in various sports. It’s a lot to ask for, especially when there is only so much time in the day and so many days in the week.
There are lots of ‘hybrid’ training program available these days that promise you the physique of a Greek statue while being as strong as a warrior, however what often happens is a mix mash of training principles that leave you fatigued and no closer to either because they try to get everything done in one session and sadly when it comes to a hybrid style of training that’s not the best way to train.
You will find either dedicated days to one or the other work well, as does training with 2 sessions per day or even a rotation 2-1/3-1/4-1 schedule training various elements. .
For example you might do the following training splits.
Dedicated Days:
Monday – Strength – Full Body – PL’er style
Tuesday – Accessory Work – Full Body – BB’er style
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – Strength – Full Body – PL’er style
Friday – Accessory Work – Fully Body – BB’er – style
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Off
Training in this manor will actually help improve the blood flow tot the muscles worked the previous day in help with recovery/growth.
Strength = Sub max weights, moderate/high sets, low reps
Accessory = Moderate/low weight, low/moderate sets, high reps
Rotation Schedule:
Day 1 – Strength – Full Body – PL’er style
Day 2 –  Accessory Work – Full Body – BB’er style
Day 3 – CV Training (sprint or LSD)
Day 4 – Skill Day (Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Martial Arts etc)
Day 5 – Off
You will be training each aspect on different days, you will do well to rotate the Heavy, Medium, Light intensities for the Str, Acc & CV training. Skill work is slightly different because you want to get better at the skill/movement, however I would personally have set the skill day directly opposing the strength one. So if strength was H the skill would be L and vice-versa.
Twice Per Day:
Dedicated Days:
Monday – Strength – Full Body – PL’er style -AM. Accessory Work – Full Body – BB’er style -PM
Tuesday – CV – Sprint Work
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – Strength – Full Body – PL’er style -AM. Accessory Work – Full Body – BB’er style -PM
Friday – CV – Sprint Work
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Off
There is no real right or wrong when it comes to hybrid style training, you just need to make sure you track your volume and make sure you’re eating enough and recovering adequately.

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