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“Your results start where your comfort zone ends.”

A very true quote yet sadly it’s one that a lot of people will struggle to accept.

Hard work, perseverance and determination are what is needed to get results, this much is a given. It is the simple act of the ‘doing’ that most struggle with because it’s hard.

You will agree that the majority of people are quite happy to stay in there comfort zone and plod along, not really achieving anything past what they already have. Some people are okay with minimal change and there’s nothing wrong with that, however it is when you hear people complaining that they don’t have time, poor genetics, are too tired and a whole host of other excuses as to why they can’t achieve what they want that, it’s frustrating to witness.

What you can do right now it grab a pen (or open a note on your phone or computer) and write down in 300 words or less, every reason WHY you can’t achieve your goal. Once you’ve done that, reread it and flip the terminology and now write down HOW you can achieve your desired goals.

For example:

The reason WHY I can’t go to the gym is because I don’t have the time because by the time I would get home my children would be asleep.

Flip It:

I am going to buy some kettlebells to use at home, this is HOW I can overcome my lack of available time and see my children, then do a 30-40min workout once they have gone to bed.

The next time you start thinking WHY you can’t do something, try and think about HOW you can instead.


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