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Morning Guys,

How are you reading this?

Are you sat or stood up straight?

Probably not I’m sad to say.

Take a look in your immediate environment and you will see everyone has pretty poor posture, for the most part that is.

It seems good posture has become something of a rarity these days, but did you know that bad posture doesn’t only cause bad backs, it also makes your head feel a lot heavier that it actually is.

The most common postural problem these days in Forwards Head Posture or Turtle Neck. You’ve seen it, you may even have it yourself. It’s pretty common because of desk jobs, texting and general laziness.

Did you know that for every inch forwards your head strays away from your bodies central line (neutral posture) you heads weight increases by 10-11lbs.

How can you fix this?

1 – More upper back work.
2 – Sleep with one or no pillows (lead flat).
3 – Tucking your chin and pulling your head back.
4 – Stretching your chest, front deltoids and lats.
5 – Practice good posture daily.

Poor posture is so common it has become accepted as normal.

Practice standing straight by lignin your spine up against the edge of a door while keeping your posture in a neutral position (You can google this to see a picture of it, there are literally hundreds of papers and books on this subject).

As my grandmother used to say “Sit up straight and don’t slouch.”.


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