More Truth

Fad Diets.
Magic Pills.
Quick Fixes.
Do they work?
Well some of them actually do, but the results never last. It’s like drinking coffee to perk yourself up, the effect is often immediate and skyrockets but it only lasts so long and the crash is just as fast, as is the rebound back to the starting point.
The sad truth is that to achieve anything it will take time, effort and consistency, which, people do not like to put in.
Now it’s worth understanding that some fad diets and magic pills can actually give people the kick start they need to get not he right track, so taking that in to account they don have a place but the main thing to remember is that THEY’RE NOT SUSTAINABLE, and for lasting results sustainability is the key to it all.
When people ask – “What edit should I be on?” – or something of a similar ilk, the honest answer is the one that you can stay on indefinitely. This is why the rise of IIFYM & Flexible Dieting took off. There are a few reasons such as:
– They are based on your BMR/TDEE (basal metabolic rate & total daily energy expenditure).
– They break down the barriers and misconceptions of Good & Bad Foods and help people understand that there is not really good or bad, just too much.
– They also help you understand macronutrients and how to proportion yours appropriately for your goal.
– No food restriction (unless you have a specific intolerance).
– Freedom to hit Calories/Macros accordingly, with foods for health and also foods for indulgence.
Obviously some foods are better for health than others (more whole foods as opposed to processed ones), but that’s another topic all together.
The only downside to those is the fact act not everyone likes to be neurotic and track all their food, but all in all they are the way to go if you want lasting results and a ‘diet’ that you can stay on indefinitely.
The same is true for exercise programs. While you need to keep progressing to achieve results you also need to enjoy it, this will help ensure that you’re going to be consistent. A good example is CrossFfit, it creates a community in each individual Box that is part of something bigger and people always enjoy it, hence why it’s so popular. Provided you have decent coaches that understand programming and can teach correct form CrossFit is actually one of the best forms of training. Strongman is also great fun too.
What’s the point of this post?
To help you understand that there is no quick fix and you will need to put in thousands of hours of hard graft, however it doesn’t have to be super strict in terms of diet, you simple have to adhere to your daily calories and get your idea macro ration and when it comes to exercise you want something that will specifically be relevant for you goal but also FUN so that you want to do more of it.
Pretty simple really.

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