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A short post for you lovely people today.

5 Reasons You’re not Losing Weight.

1 – You’re eating too much.
2 – You’re eating too much.
3 – You’re eating too much.
4 – You’re eating too much.
5 – You have a genuine medical reason and need to see a specialist.

You will notice points 1-4 share some things in common and point 5 is the exception.

We shall look at point 5 first.

Get bloods done. See a specialist and a get a proper diagnosis. If you really have a medial reason they will find it. If they find nothing then refer to points 1,2,3 or 4. (Y).

People will claim a slow metabolism, poor genetics, lack of time, not access to nutrient dense foods and so on. The truth is that most people who don’t lose weight (fat or otherwise) are eating more than their TDEE – total daily energy expenditure.

There is no magic pill or formula to weight loss, but there are ways to achieve it in an optimal way.

1 – Tracking your foods (optimal, but not necessary for all)
2 – Expending more energy on a daily basis
3 – Increasing lean muscle mass

You will notice there has bene nothing about eating less or restricting foods. You’d be better off increasing your activity and lean body mass (muscle) while keeping the foods the same, unless you’re diet is one filled with high amounts of processed food. While it is true you can still lose weight (hopefully fat) eating them, it’s a sure fire way to health problems, use some common sense with your food choices.

It’s all about making a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

Look at your goal objectively and be honest with yourself. If you’re not achieving something there is often only one constant problem in all the things you try… you.

Time to take a step in the right direction and make a lifestyle change.

Bye Bye
CNS TeamUnknown

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