The End

Morning Guys,
How do you set your goals?
Most people wake up one day and think to themselves “I want to achieve XYZ.” shortly followed by a crushing realisation of they have no idea where to start, but they still try to start anyway – this isn’t a bad thing, however it does mean that many a goal goes unachieved.
Below is one short sentence that might seem obvious but it’s quite rare that people utilise it.
“Start with the end in mind.”
It might seem like common sense to look at your goal and start with the ned result firmly encroached in your head, however that’s not enough. What starting with the end in mind means is to reverse engineer a path to that goal.
If you’re not sure what that means, keep reading.
Lets say our goal is to lose 24lbs. That’s the end, now we need to know by when – we shall say 12 weeks. By taking logical look at the goal that makes it a 2 lbs weight loss per week, which isn’t unachievable for people (especially the unconditioned). Next up would be the process of working out how to get to the goal – Logically you would start exercising 3 times per week and create a caloric deficit through your nutrition as well. There will be some other nuances, however those are the main things to worry about.
Simple right?
Almost but not quite. Setting the goal of just losing weight is okay, however it’s not the best goal. Why not workout how much of your current weight that is and relate it to a loss in body fat %? This way if the scales stop moving but your body fat keeps going down you know you’re still progressing and will avoid the dreaded termination due to a lack of progress. You can also measure you inches too, that way you will also have more ways to show that you;re still progressing.
Setting a goal is a lot like plotting a course on a map. You first need the map, second the destination and finally you workout how you will get there and what way is best. You wouldn’t set out traveling without first doing this would you?
If you’re not planning to succeed then you’re planning to fail.
Keep this in mind before you start telling the world about your plans and always start with the end in mind. I also suggest reading the 7 Habit of Highly Successful people, just trust me on this one. 

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