Deceivingly Dense

Are you aware that some things in this world are deceivingly dense?

Sometimes is what we can’t see or forget to look for that can cause us to hit plateaus or go the wrong way.

We all enjoy a flavor filled beverage, but is the treat worth the excessive amount of calories, that is the really question.

Hell, Are you even aware of how many calories each one of your favorites potentially holds?

Let’s take a look (on average) at each of the most common ones and what calories you will find in them.

12 ounce glass of Orange Juice with breakfast: 170 calories
16 ounce Café Latte with milk for mid-morning snack: 260 calories
16 ounce sweetened Iced Tea with lunch: 120 calories
12 ounce Fruit Smoothie for afternoon snack: 350 calories
8 ounce glass of Red Wine with dinner: 170 calories
Total hidden calories: 1,070 calories!

Is it any wonder people struggle to shift excess weight? Without knowing it a great many people are getting in too many calories from things they forgot to take in to account.

This is only a short post today to help you remember to think about your food/drink choices. By all means have what ever you desire, there is no need to restrict yourself, just keep in mind your overall energy balance and needs (track with MY Fitness Pal or a similar app) otherwise you will end up going down a slippery slope indeed.

Enjoy, Ross


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