Twice a Day?

Morning Guys,
Some of us have the luxury of training twice per day, in fact most people have that luxury IF they were but to plan their day accordingly and make the required effort.
It’s not unusual for people to spend over 2 hours in the gym, normally in the form of a Body Pump Class followed by a Spin (or two) then finally for some Yoga because yoga pants (Y).
Now when you look at how much time people either spend in the gym doing classes or possibly sat at home watching TV you will start to see how much time they actually have at their disposal.
Lets say for the average person a working day starts at 8am, you can get to the gym (hopefully local to work) for 6.30am and workout until 7:15/30 depending on how close you are to your work. You’d be able to have a shower and get to the office with time to spare, all while enjoying a nice post-workout shake, you’d also find the happy benefit of feeling fired up and focused for the entire day.
If this hypothetical person finished at 5pm or maybe even 6pm they can then pop back to the gym for perhaps 6.30pm and do another 45min workout and get home for for just after 7.30pm, plenty of time to do what ever else needs doing before going to bed at 10pm.
I’m aware sometimes life doesn’t quite go that way, however there are plenty of ways that you could manage 2 sessions a day if you really wanted; some can even make a lunchtime workout part too their routine. There are also some great benefits to training twice per day (more volume, frequency and potential for progression to name a few).
If you were to train two times in a day then doing your High Threshold (strength, power etc) work in the AM when your hormones should be most optimal is best advised and then you hammer your body with Volume work in the PM (hypertrophy style, or even some conditioning work), now that isn’t gospel however it is what often works well from a performance standpoint.
Here is an example 3 day split:
Day 1 Legs – AM
A1 – Front Squat 5×2
B1 – Front Squat 5×5
B2 – RDL 5×6-8
Day 1 Legs – PM
A1 – Squat 10×10
A2 – Hamstring Curl 10×10
B1 – Calf Raise 3x Fail
Day 2 Push – AM
A1 – Press 8×3
A2 – Pull Up 8×5
B1 – Bench Press 5×3-5
B2 – Bent Over Row 5×5
Day 2 Push – PM
A1 – Incline Press (DB) 8×8
A2 – Dumbbell Row 8×8
B1 – Lateral Raise 10×10
B2 – Reverse Fly 10×10
C1 – Dips 3-5xFail
Day 3 Pull – AM
A1 – Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlift 10×3-5
B1 – Wide Grip Pull Up 6×6
Day 3 Pull – PM
A1 – Chin Up 6xFail
B1 – Seated Row 4×6-8
B2 – Face Pull 4×8-12
B3 – Reverse Fly 4×12-15
C1 – Curls 12,10,8,6,20
The above is merely an example, however you can see that you’d be getting the majority of your volume in the evening. From a personal standpoint I would advise working to an RPE of at least 8-8.5 (maybe 9 for advanced lifters) in the AM, always leave a good rep in the bag and practice solid form. IN the PM you want to work towards momentary muscular failure, so an RPE of 9-10 and try to stimulate as many fibres as possible.
AM = Activation/Potentiation of all fibres
PM = Maximal Stimulation and fatigue of all fibres.
Doing this 3x per week (Mon, Wed, Fri) will help you progress towards your goals, however doing it in a 2 days on, one day off, one day on, one day off repeat will work even better. Have a play and see what best suits you. You an tweak this so suit many goals, not just he strength/hypertrophy example I’ve given. 

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