To Train Everyday or Not?

Training everyday has become more popular in recent times, especially since the release of Squat Everyday by Matt Perryman and the Bulgarian Method by Omar/Nucklos (two books worth reading if you already haven’t).
I have tried various incarnations of training on a daily basis, personally I found it was very good for strength however I only added a small amount of lean tissue due to the fact I wasn’t eating enough – simple.
Training daily is great for grooving movement patterns.
Depending on which way you look at this style of training you can use essentially what ever rep range you choose, provided you’re weekly volume is slowly increasing you will find progression at your door. Obviously you will need the obligatory reduction in volume at some point, however if you have tracked your numbers accordingly you will be able to establish how much of a reduction you need to help you feel recovered (say 10-25% for example).
This method of training is good and it has yielded some fantastic results for people ranging from noobs to elite athletes, the noobs by luck and the athletes by careful planning and diligence not to out train their maximal recoverable volume for too long.
You can try the Squat Everyday version on this style of training where you will squat first and then either push or pull second, with a rep scheme of Ramping to a daily mimimim (85% for 1 at least) then back off and use 85% of your weight lifted that day and do straight sets (3×5,8,’s etc) or perhaps a density set where you use said weight and do as many reps as possible in a given time limit – 10 min for example. After you’ve squatted you can then move on to your upper body work and do as you wish – say 5×5 for example, add in some accessional deadlifting and you’ve got most of the bases covered.
Another simple program I like that works well training daily blocks (say 12 on 2 off for example) though it can be done everyday fi you feel you can handle it, is done but the use two exercises only, these are the Deadlift/Overhead Press – AM & Bench/Bent Over Row – PM. Yep, no squats gasp emoticon… Though you can add those in if you wish. The reps are easy 5×5 (4 working warm ups to a 5RM at 80-85%) followed by 1×90% and 1×92% then drop the weight to 60% and aim for 20reps. Once you hit 20 reps add weight (5kg – upper body/10kg lower body to the 20rep and 2.5kg/5kg to the rest), it starts off quite easy but soon adds up.
If you make sure you’re tracking your numbers along with your calories you can certainly make some great progress. This style of training often requires a focused mind and someone who is prepared to grind out those tough days, foam roll daily and most importantly eat enough.
If you have the chance to train daily why not give it a go and see how you do. There are lots of benefits but as I have stressed above several times you must track everything otherwise you may have some problems. Put int he effort and it might surprise you how strong  and how much progress you get from this style of training.



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