Too Soon!

Morning Guys,
If you were to look back at your training programs, how long do they each last?
4 weeks? Maybe 6 or even 8?
I’m going to tell you something that you might not like… Progress is slow and usually takes a long time to achieve (beginners excluded).
4,6 and even 8 week programs are usually you short for making any real progress. If you’re looking to progress a program will be more like 24weeks (roughly 6 months). It is in this time that you will have smaller breakdowns of the loading/progression plan but the overall program will be something that lasts for a long time. If you find that you’re not really getting any solid progress then this is why.
Most internet/magazine and Bro programs are too short and not planned properly.
You might be thinking that a program that long will become boring, well you’d be right. Progress often is a long and boring road that requires months if not years of grinding away and putting in the effort to reap the rewards.
Think of it this way; if a person starts training at 18 and follows solid periodisation and sensible programming where the volume/load is undulated accordingly then in 10 years they would have built an impressive amount of strength and lean muscle tissue (nutrition being adequate obviously). I know 10 years seems like a long time, it is, however it’s a worth investment because you only get one body in this life.
Now the realms of programming are very deep and treacherous, to try and give you a cookie cutter program will do no good unless you;re a complete beginner*.
*Beginners and even some intermediates, I advise a solid 5×5 as the starting program, you can then use one of the many many variations of this to keep t things fresh and progress, I would just try to stay on each one for at least 6 months. Build the weight up (hitting all 5’s), once it gets too hard to keep progressing in a linear fashion drop the weight back and start again (or drop to 3’s until you hit another stop and go back to your first run at 3’s and turn those in to 5’s), repeat this until that stops working and by then you should be ready for something a little more interesting.
Pleas understand that the most important thing in a program is overload, you can’t achieve this without time and effort, now take this advice and stick with something for more than 4 weeks.

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