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New Year, New You… Again

Morning Guys,
With today being Boxing Day I felt it was the perfect time to start talking about your New Years goals, or rather, how you are going to approach them.
We have all heard of goal setting, but very few people ever actually do this. Instead they go to the gym with a vague idea of what they want and flit between several pieces of equipment ultimately achieving nothing.
One form of goal setting that is a personal favourite is to write down what your goal is in less than 300 words. You will want to contain all of this info in those limited characters:
– Your Goal (what it is and when you will achieve it – specific date)
– How you will achieve it
– How achieving the goal will make you feel
– How current behaviours are going to change to achieve the goal
– How accountability will be kept (PT, Training log etc)
300 words is not a lot of words, this means you will have to cut out any fluff and purely focus on what is important (your training should be this way too). It also has the added benefit of being readable in less than one minute so you can take a look daily and keep yourself focused.

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