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Afternoon Guys,

Have you ever heard of the training concept PPL (Pull-Push-Legs)?

It would not surprise me it you had in fact done a variation of this accidentally. This training method is quite effective and a great option for those with limited time.

How does it work on a weekly basis?

You start of the week by loading up on all of your Pulling movements, then it’s a rest day followed by your Pressing day, one more day off and then it’s time for you Leg day which you will then need the weekend to recover from. Simple yet satisfying.

Pull Day – Deadlift, Rows (any variations), Pull/Chin Ups, Bicep Work.
Push Day – OHP (any variations), Bench (any variations), Dips, Tricep Work.
Leg Day – Squat (any variations), Lunges, Stiff Leg Deadlifts, Leg Isolation Work.

I’ve not given any specifics in terms of exercise choice or set/rep range for the reason that the PPL principle can be used for multiple goals, however you will find that the most benefit comes from utilising a Heavy-Medium-Light through process, similar to the way the *Cube Method rotates its intensity.

*If you’ve not read the cube method, grab a copy of the e-book online and get reading.

If you were to use a 3 day per week training split and adjust the weights loading/volume according to a H-M-L thought process you will avoid stagnation, boredom and make some real progress.

Monday -Pull- Heavy – Light – Medium

Wednesday -Push- Light – Medium – Heavy

Friday -Legs- Medium – Heavy – Light

Now depending on your goals and needs H-L-M will mean different things but the basic concept is there, this is what makes PPL work very well for multiple goals. All you need to do is take some time to establish what you need/want.


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