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Too Much Too Often

Morning Guys,
It’s fairly common practice for people to enjoy going ‘heavy’ in their training but the issue arises when they go heavy too often. This can result in burnout, potential regression and perhaps an unfortunate injury.
If you like going heavy that’s not a bad thing but you can easily fall in to the bait of ‘testing’ your 1RM and never building the required numbers & volume to improve it.
When you look at an experienced lifters training dairy you will notice that they do have phases where they will max out and test their limits, but these might only be 90-95% tops as they see no reason in leaving PB’s on the gym floor when they look much better on the comp floor.
The premise of this is quite simple. It’s basically standard periodisation (increasing weight over time), even with the DUP methods that have come about they still follow the rule of increasing the overall load as this is what you NEED to do to progress.
In times of building muscle this allows you the potential to hit new PB’s because as you know a bigger muscle has the potential to be a stronger muscle. There is only so much you can eek out of technique and neurological efficiency.
How often should you go have then?
Pressing – Every 5 Days
Squat – Every 7 Days
Deadlift – Every 10 days
Now, take note that when I say heavy I am referring to a heavy sub max load (90-95%). Doing this will allow you to make some necessary tweaks to your loading, if they’re applicable that is. Personally I would advise you go for a heavy double, this will be less demanding overall on your nervous system and more beneficial in the long run. You an even go for a heavy triple if you wish, this is because a good rule of thumb to remember is that adding roughly 20kg to your max triple gives you a guide to where your 1RM is.
There are some advisable rules to follow when going heavy, take not:
– This is not a true test.
– The rep(s) must be smooth and fast.
– No grining.
– No smelling salts or slaps to hyper yourself up.
– Concentrate on form, no breakdown allowed.
The rest of the time you would do well to have slightly high reps using 60-85% of your 1RM as loading guidelines and 15-50 reps, focus on 5-8 rep range for the majority of your lifting with the occasional 12+ burnout set in there. This will allow both Hypertrophy & Strength to progress nicely.
Take the info above and apply it to your training and watch your numbers climb over time.

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