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The Dogs…

Mans best friend is quite literally, mans best friend.

You can learn a lot from animals. Be that fighting styles, movement patterns, survival tactics and even psychology, influence and persuasion.

Wait… You can learn psychology, influence and persuasion from a dog?

Yes, yes you can.

Think about it, we know when a dog wants something even though it can’t communicate in any form of human language, but it’s still able to get us to either feed it, take it for a walk or play with it.


The dog is never forceful, it’s like a child, it just keeps asking until you give in. Just as children do. When people try to sell something they will make up excuses that people are not ready to buy, or they will come back… Bollocks is what I say to that, it just means you did’t ask enough of the right questions.

When we look at the humble creature, we’re often drawn in by it’s friendly appearance (unless it’s pissed off that is). Most dogs will always come up an greet you with what we could say is a smile and friendly aura.

What do we do when this happens?

We kneel down and pet the animal.

How many times have you gone to a friends or relatives house and greeted the dog before you human counterpart? A fair few would be my guess. These creatures seems to have a profound influence on our emotions, all because they know instinctively to appeal to the higher emotional brain because that’s how they get what they want – REMEMBER THAT ONE.

As they appeal to our emotions this makes a strong connection and our brain agrees that giving them what they want it the best option.

Dogs are very clever animals, they learn, despite what people say about teaching old dogs. They will find what works and use it repeatedly, if it stops working they will try a lot of other methods until they find one that works again, if only humans would do this too.

Something else to keep in mind about these amazing animals is their unrelenting attitude to catch the car, find the ball and get up every time the fall down, now that really is something to aspire too.

It would seem the secret to rapport, face to face business and even happiness lay with the dogs.

Lessons from Dog:

– Be Friendly
– Always Greet People Warmly
– Be Persistent
– Learn & Try New Things
– Appeal to Emotion & Intellect
– Stay Loyal
– Never Give Up


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