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Lessons in Lifting and Life.


If I look back at the time I have spent training there are a few things I have done right, but even more that I’ve done wrong and I’ve learnt that failure teaches us far more than success ever will.
I’m going to share with you 8 Lessons that I’ve learnt that will hopefully serve of some use to you, if you have yet to learn these lessons that is.
1 – Only Care About What Those Closest To You Think.
We all want to impress and astound people with our achievements and be given some gratification or recognition but it’s not from who we might think. They say you should never meet your heroes and it’s very true.
Often times we look up and aspire to several different people and imagine how great it would be to have their approval, but is that really what matters? Or is it the idea of their approval that makes it all the more enticing? Either way, your heroes are rarely if ever who you thoughts they would be. Instead why not look closer to home and find encouragement and praise from those who actually mean something to you, rather than just another idol sat on a pedestal.
It might sound strange but you will find this far more empowering because it’s personal and not anecdotal.
2 – Be Willing To make A Sacrifice.
Comfort is something everyone enjoys. I am no exception to this as I’m sure you’re not and even though you will hear people say they enjoy a new challenge and hate the mundane monotony of daily life, how many of those same people have been saying that for countless years without action or even the slightest hint of intent.
Moving on to ‘bigger & better’ things is never what we think, well… at the start that is but once the dust has settled you can see clearly that it was worth it in the end, but that being the case, what holds people back?
Success often follows hardship and what precedes hardship is sacrifice and no one wants to give up what they’ve already got because they might not get it back. Quite the conundrum isn’t it. To move forwards we must let go of the rope we’re currently holding on to and everything that’s attached to it and this is very hard to do. Once you learn that not all sacrifice is bad you will no longer be held back by fear, thus allowing you to take that much needed step forwards, if you don’t you will look back and utter those oh so famous words “What if…” don’t be that person.
A little sacrifice goes a long way and in the end it’s almost always worth it.
3 – Tough It Out (Consistency).
Probably one that many of you will agree is very important in life, business and basically everything that actually means something, but how many of you are willing to dig deep and keep pressing on when times get hard? Not many would be my guess.
Consistency breeds results, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s when things get hard that 9/10 people will falter and give up. Be that on a diet, training program, business venture or even something as simple as maintaining a pot plant. We get caught up in wanting things too soon, or more accurately put giving up when things get hard, but if you have the consistency and drive to keep going through the struggles you will find the rewards most pleasing.
Sometimes it will get hard, suck it up and keep moving forwards, you’ll thank me in the end.
4 – Keeping A Diary.
Wait… Aren’t diaries for 13 year old school girls with a crush on the PE teacher?
No is the answer to that. A diary doesn’t have to be personal, it can be practical and that will mean it helps you spot winning trends, what works and a whole plethora of other things.
Keep a diary, you will find it much easier to create your own success if you keep a record of what worked and what didn’t, after all, we learn more from out failures than we do our successes.
5 – Learn From Failure.
How do you learn to ride a bike? By falling off, getting back on and trying again but this time you’re better prepared and one step closer to success,
I don’t know a single person alive who doesn’t hate failure. It’s not a nice feeling when you’ve put in hours of time and effort for there to be no reward, but that again is a part of life. If we succeeded all the time there would be no challenge, no reason to try new things, no purpose for anything.
Learning to fail is not what we are taught growing up and personally I think that’s a mistake. Especially in the modern world where in schools there is no longer 1st,2nd or 3rd and everyone gets a ‘medal of participation’… Seriously, what is all that about? This is setting people up for a rude awakening when they get in to the real world and discover that it’s a cruel and harsh place where people would willingly dance over their own grandmothers grave to get a promotion (yep, there are such people in the world).
If you learn to accept that failure is inevitable then you won’t be afraid of it. Failing isn’t as bad as you think, just like with most things it’s the thought of failure that is actually worse than failing. unless you fail at skydiving, that’s probably one thing you don’t ever want to fail at… EVER.
Use lesson number 4 and learn what your failures are, why they happened and how you can stop it happening again (in that particular situation that is), from your failure will be your success because you will be one step closer to your goal.
6 – Accept You’re Not Always Right & You Don’t Know It All.
A lesson in being humble.
You will get things wrong, pretty often in fact but don’t take it personally. instead see it as a chance to grow and become more than you were but smile in the knowledge that you will have lots more lessons t learn and become more than you are.
7 – Don’t Forget To Smile.
This might get you a free coffee, it worked for me the other day :).
Those are a few of the lessons that I’ve learn from my failures. In truth I could write a book but then that would let people know how many times I’ve failed and I do have an ego to protect after all.
I said I had 8 lessons for you right?
The last one is the most important
8 – Keep Learning Everyday.
Enjoy each day and always try to learn something new everyday, it doesn’t matter what it is, where or who it’s from just learn something new.
I’ll even get you started.
Did you know that Charlie Chaplin once entered a contest for “Charlie Chaplin look-alikes” and he came in third.

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