Everyone is looking for the magic set/rep range, with the ideal tempo to stimulate the mTOR pathway and the ability to add 5% strength each session.

What ever happened to simply getting under the bar and actually lifting?
Too many are wasting precious time searching the forums, books, magazines and various YouTube videos for the ‘perfect’ system. It’s frustrating to see.
What gives me the right to speak in such an impertinent manner?
I have been this person, no… I am still this person. It’s easy to get caught up in numbers, especially when it’s what your business revolves around. It might just be me but when I set a program for a client that is set to their needs i will remove all bias and write something that will help them achieve what they need but then it makes me think “I forgot about this method, I should be doing this” thus the madness continues.
Are you up for a challenge?
If you can stick with this for 6 weeks I can assure you that you will add muscle, you will strength, you will shift excess fat and best of all you will get more efficient at all of the movements as well.
What do you have to do?
You have an 2 Workouts only A & B
You do 3 lifts per workout only
Each lift is done for 20min starting with the larger exercise first
Lift 3-7 days per week
Pick a rep or distance goal and stick to it*
Work Hard & Eat Plenty of Nutritious Foods
*Reps of 5 = do 5 reps on every set for 20min. Distance of 20 meters = carry the load that distance then stop for a second before repeating the process.
The exercises you pick are the ones you will stick to for the duration of this challenge. No deviation!
Here are some suggestions:
– Squat, Press, Farmers Walk
– Squat, Dip, Pull Up
– Snatch Grip Deadlift, Bench press, Walking Lunge
– Deadlift, Behind Neck Press, Zecher Walk
– Front Squat, Push Press, Power Clean
– Thruster, Clean, Chin Up
– Snatch, Get Up, Overhead Lockout Walk (all done with kettlebells)
– Clean & Press, Overhead Squat, Renegade Row (all done with kettlebells)
There are 8 different combinations, you can pick two of those for your A/B workouts or make your own up. You can use barbells, dumbbels, kettlebells, large awkward objects, basically anything you want as long as you stick with it.
Day 1 – A
Day 2 – B
Day 3 – A
And so on.
Write down what you do each workout and lifting as much as you can with good form. Listen to your body, learn to accurately assess how you ‘feel’ each workout. if you did heavy 5’s on workout A at day 1 why not do 8’s on workout A when day 3 arrives. There is no specific number or reps or distance you SHOULD do, go on how you feel.
*Use some common sense and keep your reps/distance suited to your goal.
Strength – 3-6 reps
Hypertrophy – 8-12 reps
Sadism – 15-20 reps
If you are going to make your own I would advise you cover the whole body (within reason) with the first 2 movements and use the third as either a loaded carry or some other form of posterior chain movement.
Following this challenge means you only have to worry about doing it each movement for 20min (the warm up is included in that time). Stick with the number of reps or distance and do as many sets as possible in the given time, if you can keep adding weight then do so, if you can’t add more weight without sacrificing form then stay on that weight and repeat the reps until you can add more weight. If needed you can even wave the weights (70,80,90,80,90,100,90,100,110 etc) until the time is up. The secret is not to worry too much but concentrate on good from and hitting your reps for the time limit.
Now go and pick 6 movements and split them in to 3/3-workouts A/B and make soem progress.

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