Fear Is Good

Morning Guys,

A healthy does of fear can help you hit new GR’s (gym records) and even new PB’s (personal bests) in competition.

The idea of blocking out the nerves and ignoring them is often spoken about, with good reason too. Some people let their fear get the better of them to the point where the can’t do anything and become paralysed, but there are those few who embrace their fear and use it as fuel to push them through.

There is a fine line and balance that needs to be achieved, too achieve this state of mind will differ for every person so I can’t tell you exactly how you get in to the mindset, but I can give you a pointer from my perspective.

– Put a weight not he bar that makes you scared but hungry for it.

The saying “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” is actually a very true statement. You need to have a desire to achieve, but this desire is never more present than when you’re slightly scared.

I am not saying to go all out every session, but it would be work pushing yourself on certain lifts so that you learn how to control and embrace your fear while remaining hungry for progression.


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