The Pen Is Mightier Than The Bar

Morning Guys,

If at first you don’t succeed, look back through your training/nutrition diary and find out why.

Tracking your progress, be it for nutrition or training is a laborious task.

Seriously… It’s a proper pain in the face but a necessary one if you want to succeed.

It’s true there will be some people who don’t track a single thing and go mostly on feel and intuition, but you’re not ‘some people’ you’re you and if you’re reading my humble posts than you need to be tracking what you’re doing.

The key to progression is more often than not hidden in the numbers. Lets take strength training as the example, your number are going up and then they stall but because you’ve been tracking them you know your overall volume and total loading you’ve achieved so far (this allows you to plan a de-load and then start building up again to get past this current total load).

Okay, you might not be able to add more weight, or even more sets/reps for the moment but you could always increase your TUT (time under tension) provided you tracked your tempo (4-0-1-0 for example) you will be able to workout how much overall TUT you achieve each workout, thus allowing you the ability to increase it, meaning your overall volume is increased too.

Simple right?

Without all of your diligent tracking you will not know where you can improve your workouts, or what possible strategies you could use, but it it’s written down in front of you it means you can manipulate it to keep progressing.

Remember, progress isn’t only measured in one way.

The moral of this post is to try and help you form a good habit and start tracking what you’re doing. If you ran a business you wouldn’t guess what you were earning each year would you? No, I didn’t think so.

A Pen and Paper will be two of the most valuable tools in your journey, go out and buy them NOW!.


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