Put Your Deadlifting Head On.

Morning Guys,

The deadlift is one of the best exercises you can have in your arsenal, but it’s also one of the most dangerous.

Picking up a weight from the floor and putting it back down is by nature very simple, but that’s not necessarily true for its execution. Poor for it common in the deadlift, this often leads to injury and people failing to get the most out of this exercises.

There is one very common flaw in the deadlift that I often see and it’s something that people think is actually correct when it isn’t.

What is this flaw?

‘Looking up’

You will often hear people say “Don’t look down, you must look up.” but this has been taken in the wrong context, leading to people cranking their head up and dampening neural connection throughout the spine which often leads to a rounded back.

Don’t believe me? I have a little test for you. Get in to the bottom of your deadlift and look up so that you crank your head back, try and round your lower back, you will find it’s quite easy to do. Now that you have done that i want you to think about ‘tucking’ your chin. That doesn’t mean look down, it means tuck your chin and try to create a ‘fat face’ and now try to round your back again… Pretty difficult to do isn’t it.

When you tuck your chin you lengthen your spine and allow for better neurological signalling/connection meaning you will in fact be stronger than if you were ‘looking up’ not what you expected eh?

I feel I must make the distinction and explain the difference between looking up and cracking your head back, one is done with your eyes, thus meaning you can maintain a good head position, the other is done by gym bro’s who want to watch themselves in the mirror.

Head position isn’t given the attention it deserves. It can make the difference between a good, safe lift and a total disaster.

Oh, another thing to be aware of is looking in the mirror. If a mirror is near people will be tempted to look which is STUPID because you can end up throwing yourself out of alignment and hurting yourself, so avoid lifting in front of mirrors.



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