Me, Myself and I

Morning Guys,

Planning is a key element that is missing in most people gym routines these days.

Without a plan you will never really be able to progress, typically.

Even having a cookie cutter program (5-3-1, 5×5 etc) will give you more benefit than simply going in to the gym and aimlessly lifting weights without meaning or purpose.

There are several ways you can make a plan –

1 – Hire a trainer.
2 – Hire an online trainer.
3 – Sign up at a gym that programs your training for you.
4 – Use a cookie cutter program that’s RELEVANT to your goal.
5 – Lift on feel and write your own programs (not advised for many).

With the first 3 options they all involve a commitment. Obviously by commitment I mean they cost money, however it will be money well spent in my opinion.

The last 2 options are the most common ones that people opt for, mainly because we don’t see the value in parting with our hard earned cash. How foolish we can be.

If you are going to choose the last 2 options I have some words of advice for you – Use the standard programs with downloadable spreadsheets, progression plans etc that people have kindle already made and that can be found online for free. DON’T write your own programs, it’s suicide because you don’t know what you need.

I say the above with many years of hindsight, I planned my own programs for years, BUT, I based them off of a basic 5×5, 5-3-1 or West Side style workout and I searched the internet for the spreadsheets I would need to be able to track my progress.

I would say it’s fair to say I would be much stronger than I am now if I had now written my own programs. I spent many wasted hours int he gym without purpose, don’t let this happen to you.

Start by asking your self these questions:

What is your SPECIFIC goal?
How can you achieve it?
When do you want to achieve your goal?
Where will you need to make changes in your life to achieve you goal?
Can you really do it on your own, or is that your ego talking?

Simple questions that will help you understand how much you need help.



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