You Don’t Work Hard Enough…

Morning Guys,

Are you working hard enough when it comes to CV training?

Unless you know your target heart rates or what your true 7/8 on the RPE scale is then I’m guessing that’s a no.

I will often see people on the CV kit plodding along or even doing some ‘interval’ training while still being abel to hold a full conversation… This is a clear sign they are not working hard enough.

When it comes to cardio you ideally need set targets to work towards, you wouldn’t go in to the free weights area and not set your weights or their progressions week to week now would you?

Well… Some people won’t but those are the ones who get no results.

The best way to establish your target heart rate training zones is by the use of the Karvonen Formula, below I will give you the equation and the means to establish your correct intensity training zones. This way you will stay making some real progress.

You need your Resting Heart Rate – RHR (Ideally you will take this on 3 consecutive mornings just as you wake up to get a true reading).

For this example we shall say it’s 60bmp and the participant is 30 years old.

Now use this equation to workout your estimated Max Heart Rate – MHR.

Max Heart Rate = 206.9 – (.67 x AGE)

206.9 – 20.1 = 186.8 (we shall say 187bmp)

From there you now subtract your RHR from your MHR to get your Heart Rate Reserve – HHR.

187 – 60 = 127bmp.

The rest is easy.

You will now multiply your HRR by a percentage (60% = 0.6, 70%= 0.7 etc) and then add back in your RHR to get your Target Heart Rate – TGH.

127 * 0.7 = 88.9
88.9 + 60 = 148.9 (150bmp) this is your 70% training zone target which you would need to maintain at a constant pace if you were doing continuous or steady state training (more than your tough huh…).

If you were doing interval you would have 2 zones. One would be your woking target and the other would be active recovery.

127 * 0.6 = 76.2 (76bmp) + 60 = 136bmp
127 * 0.85 = 107.95 (108bmp) + 60 = 168bmp

Active Recovery – 60% 136bmp – 60-90 Seconds
Interval Training Zone – 85% 168bmp – 30 Seconds

So there you have it.

This is how you workout how hard you NEED to be working. I would suggest buying a heart rate monitor and planning a progressive program. That way you can follow it for 4-6 weeks and then reassess your resting heart rate to see if you’ve had any improvement.

2 continuous sessions (30min at 70%) and one interval session (20min, 30 seconds at 85% and then 60 seconds – 90 seconds recovery at 60%) per week should be sufficient to start.


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