Hidden Calories

Watch out for hidden calories.

They sneak up on you without warning and can take your daily total up dramatically.

Where are the hidden calories?


On a serious note, you will find that your regular trip to the coffee shop for your latte can add an extra 305cals minimum to your daily total.

The same is true for that single doughnut you had from the pack Cheryl brought in for her birthday (ok, it’s around 270). Don’t forget that chocolate bar as well, that’s another 200 easily.

Lets also not forget that large bowel of granola you had after dinner as a ‘healthy’ snack. That also had around 300 cals in it.

As you can see you’ve totalled upwards of1000 extra calories from what is not really a lot of food. Is it any wonder people gain weight even they they ‘hardly eat anything’.

Consuming too many calories is very easy to do, a couple of snacks here and there can make a big difference.

As yourself one question before you reach for the snack draw

“Do I need to eat this because I’m hungry or do I just want to eat it because I’m bored?”

Hunger and boredom often coincide. Don’t let the extra calories sneak up on you, in the end your waist line will remind you of how many you’ve eaten over the years.




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