Why You Don’t Get Results, Part 2.

You stupidly do your own programming and you wonder why it doesn’t work.

It’s because it’s not right for what you want to achieve, simple.

I remember an old saying that stuck with me, I believe it was said by Dan John on a seminar I attended.

“A man who programs his own workouts has a fool for a coach.”

It’s true, I’ve fallen victim to this myself and while I luckily didn’t lose anything I most certainly didn’t make any progress either. This was because the programming lacked consistency and progression, two of the most important things that lead to the end goal.

We all want to achieve our goals yesterday, but it doesn’t work like that. We know it doesn’t work like that but we still believe we’re the exception to the rule when in actual fact we are not, we are the rule.

Anything will work, provided you stick at it long enough, a great example is the Climbing Rep System, it’s simple and progressive but you nail need at least 6 months of doing it to see any form of decent results.

Here it is for your consideration:

Goal = 8×3 on specified weight.

Starting point = 1×3 & 7×2.

Workout Structure = 2 workouts, A – Squat/Bench Press (Dumbbell or Bar), B – Deadlift/Over Head Press (Dumbbell or Bar).

Assistance Work Structure 1 Adding Lean Muscle = As many reps as possible on each move in 8-10min with 60-80% of the weight you lifted for that day, once you hit 50 reps int hat time increase the weight.

Assistance Work Structure 2 Strip Fat = 10min of kettle bell swings, snatches, loaded carried (farmers walk) or shifting awkward objects will help strip. You can set rep targets of 250+ for the swings before eye increase the weights, 100-200 for the snatches and a distance with the loaded carries.

Path of Progression = Add 1 rep every workout to your main lift until you hit 8×3, then add weight and start again.

Simple, effective and great for adding lean tissue and/or stripping away fat.

It’s boring but effective as long as you’re consistent, remember consistency is the key to achieving anything. Alternatively you can hire someone to do it all for you.



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