The Worlds Cheapest Office.

Overheads can be a daunting thing when you’re self employed. Keeping costs to a bare minimum is essential to allow growth in those early days, but low costs can also be very helpful not matter who experienced you are.

Today i will give you the location of the worlds CHEAPEST office and also some other helpful tips on saving much needed funds that can be put to better use to help your business grow.

Now you might be thinking what might the worlds cheapest office  have to offer, well here is a short list:

  • A Roof Over Your Head
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Meeting Room
  • Heating/Aircon
  • Office Furniture (desks/chairs)
  • Power Sockets
  • Friendly Staff
  • Central Location
  • Free Filtered/Chilled Water

All of this will cost you under £10 per day, would like to know where this magical place is?

You local Coffee Shop.

Costa, Starbucks, Coffee 1 and many more offer all of the above and all you need to do is by a couple of coffees of teas per day to remain happily seated in their establishment.

Some other great tips for lowering your outgoings are simple one such as keeping electronic records of everything (Tax, Outgoings, Client Profiles, Contracts etc) the initial outlay might be the cost of an iPad or tablet but int he end it will be worth it. The same goes for training clients, it’s ideal to find a gym where you can trade time for rent fees until you’re able to cover the cost of their rent (this free us the hours you were doing for them). Alternatively you could train people in their homes or outside, though carrying the equipment around can be a slight pain.

There you have it, the worlds cheapest office was right on your door step all along.




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