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Tips for Trainers

Yesterdays post was pertaining to Psychology and its importance in how successful your business will be.

It seems the point of the post was sadly missed.

While it is understandable that you want to know how you can get someone stronger

(Progressive overload with planned regression to a base point higher than the original.)

Or what is the best method to lose fat

(strength training combined with interval cardio)

And what nutrition protocols work the best for fat loss

(Eat more protein, eat more fibre, drink more water and eat less processed foods.)

Or muscle gain

(Same as fat loss with less cardio)

The importance of learning more about PEOPLE can’t be stressed enough because without being able to connect with people you won’t have a business, it’s that simple.

Here are 3 more tips on making those vital connections with people and gaining new clients:

1 – Don’t sing your own praises as this will not make you look confident when you start out, it will make you look arrogant. Instead have other people sing your praises for you. How can you do this with no clients?

You help people by giving them advice you would normally charge for thus getting them past a sticking point or plateau. You’re essentially doing them a favour, in return they will help you when you ask them by writing perhaps a short testimonial or giving you some before/after pictures as the result of your free advice.

Remember most of the time when people give you a gift you feel inclined to do the same at some point down the road.

2 – Don’t make people feel stupid. Saying something such as:

“Let me prove it to you.” or “I will do XYZ”

Need to be used carefully because this can give off the impression that you feel you’re better than the person you’re trying to help (Even if it’s true, never make them feel that is the case.), people want to be on equal terms.

Treat people with respect and they will reciprocate, some will even go beyond that and give you the highest praise imaginable which is worth its weight in gold.

3 – Be passionate about what they are passionate about. If you love lifting weight but they love cardio you now love cardio too.


We want to be around people who are like us. We feel more comfortable in the presence of those who share the same passions, interests and ideals so being like a chameleon and matching what is around you will help you build more bridges and create a good name for yourself.

If building a business was as simple as simply knowing your stuff there would be a lot more successful trainers in the world but unfortunately there isn’t.


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Back Up A Second.

Morning Guys,

Training the mirror muscles is most certainly enjoyable. You can see the muscle working and the blood rushing in to fill it to capacity and give you that elation of the pump.

Training the anterior chain (muscles in the front of the body) is preferred by many because of the following 3 reasons:

1 – You can see them.
2 – They’re easier to train than their counter parts (posterior chain).
3 – You’re a tad vain.

When it comes to having a balanced body a lot of people fall woefully short because of how much they neglect (legs and back), however failing to train your posterior chain will result in you leaving lots of potential growth/strength untouched.

Don’t quite believe it?

Here is an example:

A lad wants a better bench. He trains it religiously and starts to make some impressive lifts until he is forever handicapped when he tears his rotator cuff or pec. Game Over.

Stories like this are common because people lift with their ego and not with their brain. If you try to build a building and only make one wall eventually it will fall over and break because nothing else is supporting it. Your body is the same as a house, it need solid foundations and structure before you worry about what colour to paint the front porch.

Having a strong posterior chain will help you with the following:

Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Carrying Heavy Objects, Sprinting, Jumping, Climbing, Posture and basically make you more robust in daily life and prevent lower back problems.

For every pushing movement you do, you need to perform two pulling movements. Follow this rule and you will find yourself largely injury free, ignore it and you can simply reminisce the days when you had a good bench.


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Tips for Trainers

If there is one thing I enjoy more than training it’s reading.

Knowledge is how we grow and become more than we were yesterday, yet still hungry enough to achieve even more tomorrow.

While a lot of you will be enthusiastic about learning training techniques, intensity protocols, nutrition and anything pertaining to fitness there will be one thing that you fail to take much notice of.

Want to know what that is?


Learning how to connect with people and understand their individual needs is what separates trainers who succeed and those who don’t.

It’s quite common for people to have a grand vision and dream of how clients will flock to them. In fact I’m sure some of you already have people who’ve said the following:

“When you qualify I will train with you.”

I have a harsh truth… they won’t. Or at least most of them won’t because talk is cheap and people are eager to please.

Learning some basics in psychology will help you, no if’ but’ or maybe’… it will help you, trust the voice of experience.

When you qualify you will NEED to speak to a lot of people to build rapport and establish your name and reputation. In doing this people will start to respect you and therefore be more likely to train with you.

Here are 3 quick tips to use every day:

1 – Smile at everyone and ask for their name twice. Yep, twice. Even if you got it the first time simply say “I didn’t quite catch that, please can you repeat it so I hear your name clearly”.

The sound of a person’s name is the sweetest thing they can ever hear, asking them to repeat it CLEARLY shows you actually care about knowing their name (this scores lots of respect points).

2 – Be genuinely interested in them. The most common thing people say is ‘I’ its been proved that people love talking about themselves. The more you listen to a person the more interesting you will become to them (you will also learn what they like/dislike ¬†and can build lots of rapport off that info).

3 – Ask them questions where the answer is yes. This creates a pattern and helps when you have enough rapport to ask for business.

If you would like more posts like this then drop a like and leave a comment down below.



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Morning Guys,

If there is one thing people who decide to get fit are subjected to it’s the often a misguided Stereotype.

Stereotype by definition means a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. I feel people who exercise battle these everyday.

If someone says they go to the gym and lift weights or run for sport what is your immediate thought about what or howl they should look?

Is it any of these:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paula Radcliffe or Mo Farah

The same is true for people who say they’re on a diet, images of Victoria’s Secret Models and alike spring to the majority of peoples minds.

Everyone has preconceived images of how people ‘should’ look if the pursue a specific endeavor, but it is very rare that these stereotypical images are correct or even relevant to the majority of the population. These preconceived notions are often formed on outdated information and should be ignored or the person should be educated with more relevant examples to dispel these myths.

An unfortunate side effect of stereotypes is they can put a person off their journey of health, fitness and looking better because they fear looking a certain way. To remove any doubt I would jump on the old google-monster and run a search on people who are similar in build/stature to you and seeing what they’ve naturally achieved (this won’t be too far off what you can achieve), this should dispel any uncertainties you might have.

It is true that some fit the stereotypical image that people have in their heads, but those few are the minority not the majority.

I say ignore those who label you with a stereotype. Simply smile and explain that they’re wrong before walking away proudly.


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The Golden Body (Proportionally)

Sculpting a good body isn’t just about working hard in the gym, it’s also about knowing what you’re trying to achieve. The theory of the Golden Ratio has been around for quite some time, it eludes to what you’re bodies proportions should ideally be.

Examples of the Golden Ratio can be found throughout nature and has been a tool of the best artists in the world used for thousands of years. I will not go into the history and science of Phi and Golden Ratio because it would take too long, but in a nutshell it is suggested that things with a ratio of 1 to 1.618 tend to be the most pleasing to look at. Human brains are programmed to look for symmetry and balance in everything, so we can use this clearly defined mathematical constant to our advantage in sculpting a body that is pleasing to the eye.

To have this ratio become effective you first need to get as lean as possible otherwise it’s like wearing sunglasses in the cinema… Pointless. The equation works best of your leanest natural waist, wrist and knee measurements as these are fairly consistent throughout your entire life (you can use your wrist measurement for everything if you only want to do one measurement to save time).

Apart the the obvious health benefits of being leaner it also gives you the best chance at building a decent amount of lean tissue straight out of the gates. Once you have these measurements you will need the following equations:

Waist Size = your determined lean waist measurement
Shoulder Size = 1.6 x your lean waist measurement or 8 x wrist size
Chest Size = 1.3 x your lean waist measurement or 6.5 x wrist size
Arm Size = 2.5 x wrist size
Neck Size = 2.5 x wrist size
Calve Size = 2.5 x wrist size or 1.9 x ankle size
Thigh Size = 1.75 x knee size or wrist size x 4.25

From the equations above you will be able to workout what your ideal physical proportions should be, theoretically.

If we take a male with the following measurement:

Waist Size – 30 inches
Wrist Size – 6 inches
Knee Size – 14 inches

His ideal proportions would be:

Shoulders – 48 inches
Chest – 39/40 inches
Arms – 15 inches
Neck – 15 inches
Calves – 15 inches
Thigh – 24.5/25 inches

To some people those numbers might seem small but when they are laid on someone with a suitable frame (like the chap in the example) they would be aesthetically pleasing and nothing would look out of place.

It’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not only men who want to be pleasing to the eye, women desire this too and it might surprise you to find out that the golden ratio and the same equations applies to the ladies as well (or at least for those ladies who want a fit lean and athletic look).

If a lady has these measurements:

Waist size – 24 inches
Wrist size – 4

She might be expected to suit these proportions well:

Shoulders – 32 inches
Arms – 10 inches
Neck – 10 inches
Calves – 10 inches
Thigh – 16/17 inches

*Woman have naturally wider hips, this will mean they achieve an athletic hour glass figure.

Both example were taken from people with slight frames, this does not mean that everyone needs to aspire to these proportions. It’s ideal that you get YOUR own INDIVIDUAL Waist, Wrist and Knee measurements to make this apply to you.


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This Is Why You Haven’t Achieved Your Goal.

Why are you not achieving your goal?

Time Restrains?
Money Problems (can’t afford quality food)?
Too Tired?

Or is it simply that you don’t want to achieve it bad enough…

There are lots of people in our world who face various barriers everyday but they push through and overcome their problems to achieve their goal. They push aside procrastination and power towards their goal.

We understand that it can be hard at times, we’ve all been there but in the end achieving the goal was worth every effort we put in to achieve it.

I can’t explain how good it felt to achieve the goal I was chasing for ages, but it was certainly worth it.

To help you break the mental barrier I suggest you sit down and write in 300 words or less you goals and the following:

How important to you the goal is.
How you will achieve it.
When you will achieve it.

It won’t take long and it should serve as a great reminder of how good you will feel once you achieve your goal. It will also take less than 1 minute to read too.

Nothing feels better than accomplishing and achieving something you want.


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Baby Weight Issues?

A touchy topic today

Baby Weight…

How much should you gain?
How quickly should you lose baby weight?
How can you get your pre-baby body back?

Those are three of the most common questions we are asked by young mums. The answers might not quite be what they want to hear but they are the honest ones.

*I expect there will be some sever hate for this post but we have been speaking to a lot of woman to gather info and this is what we found.

How much should you gain?

According to various sources (NHS included), the average weight will be between 10-12.5kg of total weight gain during pregnancy. While it might be slightly higher in some because of their build or the size of the baby there is no need to gain 3,4,5 or more stone in weight like some people do.

A sad truth is some woman will use the excuse of being pregnant and “Eating for two.” to gorge on large amounts of crap foods (sweets, cakes, crisps, biscuits etc) and put it font o their ‘cravings’… No one craves to eat a whole cake unless they are greedy and gluttonous.

Might be harsh to hear but it’s often the truth.

How quickly should you lose baby weight?

This is a very tricky question. While the majority of the weight that is lost immediately will be baby and excess fluid there will be some excess body fat accumulation (it’s only natural after all). Some woman have claimed to lose this weight within 3 months, but the average from looking through various records and speaking to woman about this subject seems to be 6-9 months to drop the weight.

Weight loss after pregnancy can be tackled just as you would with normal weight loss (weight gained from sedentary life or over eating), just make sure you’re signed off by your doctor before you undertake any exercise as differing degrees of abdominal separation will require different recovery lengths before exercise and you don’t want to injure yourself.

How can you get your pre-baby body back?

The last and most common question is a delicate one because there is no guarantee that you will get your pre-baby body back. After all, you’ve put it under a lot of stress and pushed it to it’s limits.

Some woman regain the physique they once had and others get close but are never quite the same (due to either complications, bone separations, caesareans etc), however that does not mean you won’t look good post baby.

This can be linked to question one. People who put on lots of weight unnecessarily may cause themselves more problems than those who don’t. They may also struggle to regain their ‘old bodies’ but it’s not impossible.

If you eat plenty of good quality whole foods and satisfy your cravings with what you need without binging or going overboard then the chances of looking like you once did are much higher than if you don’t.

This topic is subjective to each person but worth knowing.



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Alternative Lifting Medicine

Morning Guys,

Standard gym exercises such as the legendary Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Press are staples for the routines of many great lifters and athletic champions, but sometimes repeatedly doing these can leave you with various aches and pains (not to mention bored).

There are lots of different exercises available that still work the same muscles groups, however they add some much needed variety to your training. I will delve in to some of my personal favourites and why they are excellent alternatives to try.

Bored of Back Squat?…. Forget Frustration with Front Squat.

Front Squats are great for building solid legs, a cast iron core and a solid upper thoracic. Aim for 80-85% of your back squat in this movement.

Flat Bench Faltering?…. Intensify with an Incline (Y).

Swapping flat bench for incline will help fill out those pecs, pull out that posture and create some impressive strength gains too. Aim for 70-80% of Flat Bench.

Deadlifting become Dire?…. Develop with Deficits :).

Deficit deadlifts performed with a snatch width grip will help you develop a solid pull from the floor while filling out your upper back and lats with some solid muscle. It’s also great for grip too. If you hit 70% of your regular overhand deadlift you’ve done well.

Over Head getting Overly Hard?…. Banish Niggles with Behind the Neck.

The Behind the neck press requires a decent amount of mobility but it will not only help improve your regular press once you master the movement, it will also hit your shoulders in ways you can’t imagine and build beastly triceps. Once you get good at the movement and develop strong technique try and aim for 80% of your normal press.

Adding any one of all of these exercises in to your routine will help you break through plateaus and progress. My only advice is start light (50% of 1RM) and cement solid form, if you don’t you run the risk of injury.


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Ego Gains

The Ego is an unavoidable part presence in a lot of gyms. It become the cause of various injuries, muscular imbalances and lack of progress, avoiding its clutches is a skill that takes time and effort to a achieve.

More often than not this is applicable to men more so than woman because of their highly competitive nature.

Having a solid workout program is essential in helping you avoid being insnared by this little gremlin, but it takes some will power.

The benefits of a planned program are numerous, I will give you a brief overview of what I feel are the biggest benefits:

– Prevents Injury
– Allows Steady Continued Progression
– Produces Better Form

Those are my top 3 reasons for having a simple and effective gym based program. You will find multiple programs on the internet these days and it will take you time to find which one works for you, some of the most popular that I have tried and achieved solid results from a re as follows:

– 5×5
– 5,3,1
– 5,4,3,2,1
– 8×3 + 3×8

*Based around full body or upper/lower splits.

A lot of people are too keen to jump up the weights quickly in order to impress other gym members and appease their ego. If you’re one of these people (I once was) you will learn that it’s far better to make small and steady progression with excellent form as opposed to lifting too heavy and getting hurt.

Leave your Ego at the door. The gym is a place for progression, not showing off. If you want to show off join the circus.


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