Making Small Changes

Morning Guys,

Making dietary changes is hard, after all it’s not just a smile tweak that can be reverted in a few weeks, it’s a lifestyle change.

It’s not uncommon for people to fight life style changes with untold ferocity because they feel there is nothing wrong with their life, but given their current health/weight issues it’s obvious that’s not the case.

Making a change isn’t about giving up what you like/enjoy it’s about making small sacrifices to allow you to progress. Unfortunately people have become so reliant on their comfort foods they struggle to let go, or search for a way to keep living how they are but achieve the goals they want (It doesn’t work that way we’re afraid).

Realistically you have to decide what is more important to you.

Do you want to live in as you are or do you want to make a change?

The secret is to make a list of small changes and apply them over an extended period of time, this way they won’t be a shock to your system and they will be easier to sustain. By making small changes you will amass big results.

Here are 4 small changes you can make over the course of a year, yes a whole year and only 4 change (it’s not that scary is it).

Months/Small Changes:

January – March: Drink more water. Ideally you will want 1 litre per 25kg of bodyweight per day as a guideline and once extra litre per hour of physical activity you do. If you don’t drink much start off with at least 1 litre per day and add accordingly until you get to your ideal amount required for your weight/exercise needs.

April – June: Eat more veg, starting off at 4 different types each day and adding 1 ever other week until you hit 10. This will help you get all your vital vitamins, minerals and fibre.

July – September: Eat more protein, aiming for 3 portions per day and working up to 6 (the portions size can be of your choice) this will encourage you to have 3 good meals and 3 good snacks.

October – December: Move more. This basically means start getting to the gym, once per week is a good start with the aim to move up to 3 times per week (this is enough for most people to see good results) and it’s only one extra day per week. If time is an issue then it’s suggested you purchase some kettlebells (8,12,16kg for woman and 16,20,24kg for me) and hire a trainer to teach you how to use them so that you can train in the comfort of your own home.

*You don’t have to make the changes in this order, you can do which ever you want to first just make sure it’s one change every 3 months and it progresses to the point of which is optimal for YOU.

The above changes are small and very achievable, will you make the change you need?


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