How Much Protein?

“How much protein should I be eating per day?”

A good question that is asked quite often by those seeking to build muscle, mainly because that’s what’s required to build muscle and here is the definitive answer that you won’t get from anyone else.

I don’t know.

Protein requirements that are recommended are exactly that RECOMMENDED, that does not mean that it’s what you need, they are just guidelines and starting points, however there is a nice simple way to establish if you need more or not.

Instead of trying to workout the numbers why not keep things simple and just add more to your diet and see if you start gaining weight in the form of muscle*.

*Please note your training should ideally be dialled in, your recovery optimal and everything else where it need to be.

Lets say you add an extra portion of protein and start gaining muscle, brilliant! Stick with the extra protein you’ve added in your diet until you plateau again and then review what’s going on and possibly add some more.

What I am trying to say is that nothing is an exact science, you can workout all the numbers in the world but that doesn’t mean you will actually get anywhere, the best thing to do is experiment and learn how YOUR body works.


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