A Quick Guide to People

So this is a day late, but it will be worth the delay :).

When it comes to a new person talking int o a gym there are some things we as trainers must understand.

Key Things to Know:

– Their preconceived ideas.
– Their motivation/motive.
– Their fears.
– Their desires.
And most importantly
– How they feel currently.

^^ Information you NEED from every one of these people (you will understand what this means later).

Being able to display a degree of empathy will help you in understanding the new member, but you must be aware that there are various different type of personality and some you won’t be able to sell to straight away.

The common personality types you need to be aware of and are as follows:

(In simple terms)


Lets break their characters down so you will know how to deal with them.

Dominant – These are the type of people who will have a firm hand shake, a commanding presence and want to get straight to the point (no faffing about). They don’t care about science, facts or fluff, they want to know that what you’re offering will get them their results, if you do then they will be back for repeat business in the future.

These people will often approach you because they like initially what the see and will give you one chance and only one chance.

Don’t blow it.

Typical D People:

Directors, Managers, Business Owners, General Business Men/Woman, Ex-Forces.

Influential – These lovely people can be heard long before they are spotted, though if they’re too far away to hear you will see them because of their flamboyant dress code or over enthusiastic gestures. They like to be shown new and shiny things and often buy on impulse, basically if they see something they like or the think is in short supply they will want it.

Put up a new and shiny deal and they will flock to find out more, especially if it’s a LIMITED time offer, these people will love to talk about themselves and hate being interrupted. Ask about them and let their chatter begin, as long as you keep the conversation about them you will have them buying any and all sorts of services from you.

Typical I People:

Clothing Shop Workers, Sales People, Designers, Anyone in Marketing.

Steady – The book worm of the bunch for lack of a better description… Ok I could have said someone who has a keen eye for details and a meticulous nature with a hint of OCD but the former is funnier.

Anyone who falls in to this category will want to know all the details, how it will work, why it will work and are essentially the opposite to Dominant people. You will need to be able to back up anything you claim with these ones, but if you do they will sing your praises and refer you a lot of business.

Keeping in touch over the long term is the way to get their business, so be aware it will take time to get anywhere with them.

Typical S People:

Analysts, IT Workers, Accountants, Bankers.

Lastly we move the the most interesting of the bunch, Cautious People.

Now these are the ones who you need to know the info listed at the top of this post (See, I told you it would make sense by the end.). These are the timid ones who are stepping foot in to a gym for the first time and can easily be frightened off, this is why you NEED to treat them with kid gloves.

The cautious individual will be looking for any excuse to run 100mph in the opposite direction, it is your job to help inspire, motivate, reassure and help them because without you they WILL quite, it’s that simple.

Using the listed ‘Key Things to Know’ will help you break down their barriers and learn about them as a person (you must be genuinely interested in helping them), helping them feel that they belong and you’re there for them will be the first step in getting them to use you instead of any other trainers.

If you’re successful in gaining a cautious person as a client and achieve the results they want then you will have a life long client.

Trust me, there is a reason I specialise in training beginners.

This will post will help you understand some of the basics, but remember there is a lot more to learn; this is only the beginning.



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