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50 Rep Fallout

Afternoon Guys,

Picking routines that will give you both size and strength might seem like an impossible task, but don’t worry because today you will learn one of the simplest ways to add weight on the bar and slabs of muscle to your frame.

The ‘Secret’ (It’s not really a secret but most people seem to think it is.)

Heavy weight lifted for multiple reps.

Yes, it really is that simple but it’s not easy and that is what puts off a lot of people. Lifting heavy weight is hard and trying to lift it repeatedly is even harder, but the benefits far outweigh the workload. There are several ways you can accomplish the task of lifting heavy weights lots of times, however I will give you the easiest one I have found over the years and how it fits in with your strength program.

Lets say you have just done your 8×3, 12×2, 5×5 or whatever other strength protocol you might be on and you’re not sure where to go next. You could do sets of 6 at 85% (of 1RM),8 at 77% or 12 at 65% but the sheer choice is just too much after lifting such heavy weights. A much simpler way is to look at the weight you’ve just lifted for today; perhaps your top set was 2 reps at 200kg (for the ease of maths) on squats, you now take 70% of that (140kg) and do 50 reps (squat) with it…. Obviously not in one set, although that would be impressive.

Your 50 reps can be achieved however you see fit. Personally I suggest getting under the bar and going until you’ve got only 1 or two clean reps in the bank and then taking some rest. Lets say you did 16 reps, this leaves you with 34 to go. After you’ve recovered get back under that bar and continue, you might get 13 reps this time leaving 21 left, you get the hist by now.

Once you hit 0 you can strip the bar down and either end your session or if you have the time (or energy) do one more movement following the same scheme of reps, an isolation movement would be a good shout.

This is simple, effective and brutal.


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