The Most Common Mistake People Make.

The Biggest Mistake People Make:

Our culture has long been obsessed with the number we see on the scale, even though more and more people are putting them in their rightful place (the bin), there are still a lot of people who let the scale rule their lives.

Various people will jump on a set of scale at any given chance and it usually has one of two effects:

1 – Elation because they’ve dropped 1Lbs.
2 – Depression because they’ve gained 1Lbs which results in them devouring an entire cake.

It’s 1Lbs… 1Lbs!! Stop worrying so much about what you weigh.

Today you will learn some of the reasons why you shouldn’t rely on the scales and how you don’t need them to tell you that you should feel good about yourself. The scales are just a number, you’re more than a number, you’re YOU don’t let a silly number define who you are.

Here are a few of the reasons to throw away your scales:

– Weighing yourself becomes obsessive.
– They can cause mental issues with food (Anorexia etc).
– Your weight has little relevance once you have been training for a while, it’s al about body comp.
– A persons weight changes daily depending on what foods they eaten or what time of the month it is…
– Different scales will give you different weights ‘Your’ scales might say you’re lighter than someone else’s which makes them largely invalid.
– If you 1Lbs of fat and gain 2Lbs of muscle your weight will go up, but that’s not a bad thing.
– We are not defined by how much we weigh.

There are lots more reasons but these should be enough to validate throwing out your scales.

If you want a true indication of how your progressing take PHOTOS as they will not lie to you. If you’ve lost fat you will be able to see it.

Simple really.




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4 responses to “The Most Common Mistake People Make.

  1. Great article! I don’t use scales but saying that I’m happy with my appearance

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  2. I focus on the body’s inside rather that what I look like.

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