Tips for Trainers

If there is one thing I enjoy more than training it’s reading.

Knowledge is how we grow and become more than we were yesterday, yet still hungry enough to achieve even more tomorrow.

While a lot of you will be enthusiastic about learning training techniques, intensity protocols, nutrition and anything pertaining to fitness there will be one thing that you fail to take much notice of.

Want to know what that is?


Learning how to connect with people and understand their individual needs is what separates trainers who succeed and those who don’t.

It’s quite common for people to have a grand vision and dream of how clients will flock to them. In fact I’m sure some of you already have people who’ve said the following:

“When you qualify I will train with you.”

I have a harsh truth… they won’t. Or at least most of them won’t because talk is cheap and people are eager to please.

Learning some basics in psychology will help you, no if’ but’ or maybe’… it will help you, trust the voice of experience.

When you qualify you will NEED to speak to a lot of people to build rapport and establish your name and reputation. In doing this people will start to respect you and therefore be more likely to train with you.

Here are 3 quick tips to use every day:

1 – Smile at everyone and ask for their name twice. Yep, twice. Even if you got it the first time simply say “I didn’t quite catch that, please can you repeat it so I hear your name clearly”.

The sound of a person’s name is the sweetest thing they can ever hear, asking them to repeat it CLEARLY shows you actually care about knowing their name (this scores lots of respect points).

2 – Be genuinely interested in them. The most common thing people say is ‘I’ its been proved that people love talking about themselves. The more you listen to a person the more interesting you will become to them (you will also learn what they like/dislike  and can build lots of rapport off that info).

3 – Ask them questions where the answer is yes. This creates a pattern and helps when you have enough rapport to ask for business.

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