Ego Gains

The Ego is an unavoidable part presence in a lot of gyms. It become the cause of various injuries, muscular imbalances and lack of progress, avoiding its clutches is a skill that takes time and effort to a achieve.

More often than not this is applicable to men more so than woman because of their highly competitive nature.

Having a solid workout program is essential in helping you avoid being insnared by this little gremlin, but it takes some will power.

The benefits of a planned program are numerous, I will give you a brief overview of what I feel are the biggest benefits:

– Prevents Injury
– Allows Steady Continued Progression
– Produces Better Form

Those are my top 3 reasons for having a simple and effective gym based program. You will find multiple programs on the internet these days and it will take you time to find which one works for you, some of the most popular that I have tried and achieved solid results from a re as follows:

– 5×5
– 5,3,1
– 5,4,3,2,1
– 8×3 + 3×8

*Based around full body or upper/lower splits.

A lot of people are too keen to jump up the weights quickly in order to impress other gym members and appease their ego. If you’re one of these people (I once was) you will learn that it’s far better to make small and steady progression with excellent form as opposed to lifting too heavy and getting hurt.

Leave your Ego at the door. The gym is a place for progression, not showing off. If you want to show off join the circus.



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