Warm Up? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Warming up is something or a rarity in commercial gyms, from what I have seen anyway. A lot of people who amble in to the gym almost always follow one of these 2 protocols:

1 – Walk in, load weight to just short of their ‘working weight’ and being.
2 – Spend 10 min on a CV machine (usually the treadmill) then proceed to the bench press.

There will be people who are likely to jump in the mix and stretch before a workout (I am all for mobility before lifting, but i’m personally not a fan of stretching unless it’s specifically required for your activities), this however also isn’t optimal in most cases. Very few people warm up with the move that they are going to be performing, hence why they don’t get the full benefit from a workout.

I would like know your warm up routine. My routine is simple, I will warm up with the movement I am going to be doing for the main lift of that session, Personally I find this helps me find my ‘groove, for example, if it’s squats I would usually do the following:

BW x 10-12
Bar x 10-12
60kg x5
100kg x4
120kg x3
140kg x2
160kg x1

(This would be if I was typically working at 140-150kg for reps)


BW x 10-12
Bar x 10-12
60kg x5
80kg x5
100kg x3
120kg x3
140kg x2
160kg x1
170kg x1
180kg x1

(This normally is what I follow if I’m doing a singles routine or going for a PB, but I personally feel nice and prepared for a heavy lifts after a warm up like this.)

How do you warm up?

Warm ups are just that; WARM UPS.

The should be used to make sure you’re getting all the necessary muscle fibres firing, the joints mobilised and your confidence/mindset in place for a good day of lifting. There is nothing worse than a lack lustre warm up, there is no point in jumping straight to a heavy weight because you will end up using the first few sets to get in to your groove and waste precious time/gains.

When you next go in to the gym try to make your warm up not only relevant to your session, but also beneficial.



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  1. Usually when I do a circuit workout with light weights (med balls, kettle bells etc) and resistance training I like to do a warm up that gets the muscles that I will be using warm.

    For example: if I am going to do a series of exercises that uses arms, abs and legs I like I run or skip to get the heart rate up and warm up the legs. I might also so some squats or lunges after a few minutes. For arms I like to do wall push ups or use light weight to help the blood pump to the arm muscles. At the end of the warm up I like to do a few reps of each exercise I am going to do or just a few reps focusing on each muscle group.

    Whatever I end up doing, my aim is to warm up the muscles I’ll be using for the work out so I am not going in cold.


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