Morning Guys,

Today I have a nice simple tip for you.

This simple tip will help save you money, improve your health and help you achieve the results you want.

Are you ready for this life changing tip?

Buy Frozen Vegetables

You will find that in a lot of supermarkets these days they have ‘fresh veg’ and ‘frozen veg’ and while the difference in price can be quite large, the difference in the amount of nutrients you will receive might surprise you.

Fresh veg that you can buy in a supermarket isn’t always as fresh as it could be, after all, it could have potentially been left on the shelf for several days before you bought it, thus losing vial nutrients each day it sits there. Frozen veg on the other hand is picked and frozen within 24 hours (Well, it was on the bags I looked at this weekend just gone, I would check the bag for a 24hour frozen notice.), this means the veg will continue to retain its nutrients and they will only start to decrease once you have defrosted them.

*I am not knocking fresh veg. If you can buy fresh veg either daily or every other day then more power to you, but the only issue that will have is the cost (people are stingy these days).

Apart from the frozen veg potentially have a more nutritious punch than its fresh counterparts in the supermarket, you will also find the price quiet appealing. For example, you can buy 100g of fresh veg for around £1, where as a frozen bag can cost as little as £1.40 for a whole kg! That’s 10x the amount for only 40p more, in my eyes that’s worth taking a gamble on.

The next time you go shopping make a not of how much your fresh veg would cost and then wander over to the frozen isle and make some comparisons. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.



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  1. Mmmm never really thought about frozen veggies. I think I’ll just have a good look at the frozen section next time.


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