Three Weeks of Progress

Would you like a program that will almost guarantee you constant progress?

In fact the beauty of this program is its simplicity, read and enjoy.


The 21 Day Rotation Routine

(i’m not really to sure on the name for it so I will stick with that until I think of something better.)

The best part is the volume deload is a natural occurrence for this program I have created for you. This style of program is based around greasing the groove and improving motor unit recruitment and movement patterns.

All you need to do is turn up and lift.

Here are the basic guidelines:

– Lift Everyday, yep, everyday.
– 5 working sets ONLY.
– Use your 5RM at the start of the program (You will see why soon).
– Pick 1-4 lifts – use any variation (Squat, Bench, Deadlift & Overhead Press).
– Train once, twice or three times per day (If 3 times, 30min per session.).
– Do 3-5 Warm Up sets of 5.
– *Preform all reps until its time to repeat and start again with increase weight.
– You may use accessory work if you wish too.

*Ok I left the reps out of the list because they will take some time to explain. Here goes;

You will start one day by doing 5 sets of 1 (1,1,1,1,1), then on day two add a rep to the first set (2,1,1,1,1) then again on day 3 (3,1,1,1). You keep adding a rep until the first set is at 5 reps, then you start adding a rep to the second set until you again hit 5. Once that happens move to the third and so on until you re doing 5×5, after you hit the 5×5 day (around 21/22 days) it’s time to up the weight and start again at 5×1. This a a massive volume reduction which will allow you to continue training each day and steadily progress.

You can repeat this process almost indefinitely IF you follow the ‘Same but Different’ Principle.

What is ‘Same but Different’? It comes form looking at the law of adaptation (eventually you will adapt and a movement will be come less productive) vs the law of specificity (some lifters need to make constant improvement in completion lifts or movements). This is where Variation of moments comes in to play.

Obviously there will be a point where you just can add more weight to your 5RM on that particular variation of that lift. For example you might move from Back Squat to Front Squat, or Barbell Shoulder Press to Kettlebell Press, Flat Bench to Incline and so on. If you follow the program and periodically change a lift once it plateaus you will continue to progress.

I will admit this is a strength bias approach, but building strength will also serve to add some lean muscle too.

Nutrition is paramount and shouldn’t be forgotten too. For adding mass take your weight in lbs and multiply it by 17-19 for a calorie range.

For Protein gram requirements again take your weight in lbs, this time multiply it by 0.8 – 1.2, then multiply this number by 4 for the calories from protein.

For Fat gram requirements take your weight in lbs and multiply that by 0.4-0.6, then multiply this number by 9 for the calories from fat.

As for Carb you need to add the calories from fat/protein together then take that number away from your overall caloric range. That will leave a certain amount of calories that you divide by 4 to get you gram requirements for carbs.



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