What happens when you fall off the wagon?

Do you sit and get depressed over what you have lost?
Mourn the loss of your gains?
Think about where you were and how much of a struggle it will be to get back there?

We are all guilty of this, but this is only because of one thing; Our EGO.

Yep, our ego is what makes us feel these things.


No one likes the idea of going back to the start, but guess what, you;re not back at the start, your BASE level of strength and fitness will be much higher than when you started and it won’t take long to regain.

Everyone suffers the occasional slip, I too have been in a place like this for some time.

When this happens we have 2 realistic choices:

1 – Remain in the mud thinking about it.
2 – Taking action.

You don’t need to make gigantic steps of progress as long as you progress, there is no rush, after all, if something is important to us we will make more time for it.



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