Exercise Structure Part 10

The last post is now here.

What will it contain?

A magic secret?
The ultimate workout?

Unfortunately not. I will simply leave you with one final training method that you can add to your arsenal.

It doesn’t even involve any kit either,

Incline Sprints

Now wheel not necessarily a training method, I have have this is something that everyone benefits from and very few actually do.

You can perform Incline Sprints either running up hill or up a very long flight of stairs.

This will not only help to improve your cardio vascular fitness, it will also strip lots of fat effortlessly and workout thighs and bum better than almost every machine in the gym.

If you’re feeling particularly daring try 10 sets of 10 sprints 3 times a week, but if your not feeling as adventurous to start try or 5×5.

The real idea of training is to keep things simple, repeatable and progressive. If you can continue to make things harder then stick with what you’re doing, but if you’re starting to find workouts too easy try one of the 10 methods I’ve given you.



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