Exercise Structure Part 8

I have covered some great methods to help you towards your Hypertrophy & Strength goals.

What about those of you who are more interested in having more cardiovascular fitness?

Can this be done thought weight training I hear you ask?

Yes it can. There are certainly many ways in which you can train using weights that will help increase not only your strength and lean muscle tissue, but also your heart health and lung power too.

A great method of combining weight lifting with sprint work is known as PHA Training (Peripheral Heart Action Training). It will combine and upper body push, upper body pull with a lower body push, lower body pull and finally an explosive sprint CV element.

Here is how the workout would be structured:

A1 – Lower Body Push
A2 – Lower Body Pull
A3 – Upper Body Push
A4 – Upper Body Pull
A5 – CV Element

As for sets and reps these can be dictated by your goal. Strength 4-6 reps is legal, hypertrophy 6-8 reps is good, endurance purposes 10+.

Here is an example:

Tempo 4-0-1-0

A1 – Front Squat x8
A2 – Straight Leg Deadlift x8
A3 – Dumbbell Incline Press x8
A4 – Pull Up x8
A5 – Uphill Sprint x60-120 seconds
Rest 180 Seconds

This can be repeated as many times as you wish, however I would recommend 3-5 rounds as enough.

In terms of the weights you would be using t’s better to err on the side of too light rather than too heavy. Grab a weight you can do 10 reps with and concentrate on keeping the tempo nice and steady.

Let the weight you’re using dictate the reps you do. One sets 3/5 you can expect to potentially loss one to two rep by each set (set 3 down to 8/9 reps successful, on set 5 7/8 reps successful.).

Use this knowledge well.



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