Structure Part 1

Lifting is easy right?

You just go in, pick up a weight and lift it over and over again.

Sounds simple enough. Surely having good form is all you need to remember?

Actually the order of your workout can make a big difference to h0w you perform or even the results you get.

The basic structure of a workout is as follows:

Compound Lift
Assistance Lift
Isolation Lift
Core Movement

You can use various different styles to fit this structure that will provide some very varying results.

There are Max Effort Sets, Eccentric Sets, Super Slow Sets for building strength.

Super Sets, Giant Sets and Drop Sets for Hypertrophy.

HIIT, PHA and Complex’s for Fat Loss.

Your options are endless and they all follow the basic structure above.

Over the next few days I will give you some basic 3 day example of all styles I listed above.
Keep your eyes on the page for them.



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