You Think Too Much.

Morning Guys,

Over complication is the devil.

Do you really need to have 12 isolation exercises for each muscle group?

Probably not, but you saw them in a magazine and wanted to try them.

The problem first starts when we begin to learn more about weight lifting and all of the potential training methods. We see how top level pro’s train and want to imitate our peers – which is admirable, but unnecessary.

A lot of people will start off with a basic program, perhaps 5×5 or similar. It will be focused on compound movements (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Press, Pull Up) and they will get a decent amount of results in a short space of time. Then some extra isolation exercise are added and they make even more progress.

This is where the problem begins.

The common thought pattern is a follows:

“If one or two extra isolation exercises are good hen more must be better!”

And so a vicious cycle beings.

More and more exercises will be added to the routine, this leads to more time being required in the gym and that leads to frustration because the progress eventually starts to slow, regardless of how many exercises they have.

This leads to the fear of dropping even one exercise because they believe their new muscle or fitness will disappear. (It won’t but the way.)

I have been in this situation like many before me, I’m sure there will continue to be plenty of people who make this mistake.

Keeping a workout simple often yields the best possible results.

Here is a nice easy structure example to follow:

Compound Lift – Squat – Low reps, moderate/high sets, 80%+
Assistance Lift – Lunge – Moderate reps, moderate sets, 70-80%
Assistance Lift – RDL – High reps, low sets, 60-70%
Isolation Lift – Leg Extension – High reps, low sets, 60-70%
Core Work – Ab Roll Out – Low/med/high reps or set

As you can see you have one BIG lift, two ASSISTANCE lifts to hep progress the big lift, then and ISOLATION for some specific muscle growth and finally one CORE movement. This should take between 45-60min.

Keeping your workouts simple will not only help provide you with better results, it will also help you stave off boredom because you can swap your assistance/isolation/core work every 2/3 weeks.


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