Got 40 Days?

I was reading through some of my older strength and conditioning books over the weekend and found some interesting articles, in particular the ’40 Day Strength Program’ that was talked about by Dan John & Pavel Tsatsouline.

The program is based around high frequency strength training and ‘Greasing the Groove’ of your movements, essentially practicing your strength skill.

What is the goal of this program? You are aiming to improve a PB on either a specific lift or a version of that lift.

It’s simple, effective and progressive.

To learn this miracle routine for breaking some plateaus read on.

The routine might be called the ’40 Day Strength Program’ but if you hit your goals before that 40day mark then you don’t have to continue, thus opting for a new program.

How do you do this program?

Follow this check list before you get started:

The Exercises –
• A large posterior chain movement (the deadlift is the right answer)
• Upper body push (bench press, incline bench press, military press)
• Upper body pull (pull-ups, rows, single arm rows)
• A simple full-body explosive move (kettle bell swings, snatches, or an olympic lift variation)
• An “anterior chain” move (an abdominal exercise). Ab wheel rollouts are the best choice for most people.

The Reps –
• Only do 10 reps per workout for the posterior chain and push/pull exercises (I would advise one warm up set of 5 first), you can use which ever rep scheme you like to hit the 10 rep target – 2×5, 5×2, 5-3-2, 3-2-1-2-3 or even 10×1 the choice is yours.
• One set of 20 to 50reps for the explosive move.
• Do a solid single set of five reps for the abs (If you opt fro the ab roller then has a 2-5second pause at the peak contraction of the movement).

The Weight –
• Never plan or worry about the weight or the load. Always stay within yourself and go heavy “naturally.” – Pavel.

*You are trying to hit a PB effortlessly and progressively over time, there is no need to scream the gym down to get people attention. Focus on your lift and executing it with perfect technique.

The Days –
You will do this workout everyday, potentially for 40day straight, remember that you;re not trying to kill yourself in the gym, you’re trying to hit an effortless PB and improve your movement patterns.
The Result –


I have always been a fan of trying to hit a rep based PB (3’s or 5’s etc) they are often safer, promote better form and they leave your ego and potential for injury at the door.

If you’re looking for a nice simple change then this workout is for you.



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