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Hormonal Hierarchy

There has been a lot of chatter about hormones in the gym I do my own training in recently. I can only assume that someone has written an article and now the average gym goer has PHD in Endocrinology.
Hormones are a very large subject to delve in to, and for the most part many people will not need to know more than the basics.

My understanding of hormones is still growing. I will read books attend seminar and always strive to learn new info. As I was inspired by the three lads talking about hormones this morning I am going to tell you which hormone does what (They got a little muddled up. They had the right idea but got he names muddled up.)

Sex Hormones – Testosterone (Male), Oestrogen & Progesterone (Female). These give each their specific characteristics aligned with their gender (Male or Female). Testosterone is more commonly know as being an androgenic (Muscle building) hormone, but the body needs a balance of both specific to the gender of the individual. These are also linked in to a persons health and mood.

Insulin – The master storage hormone. It is triggered by the ingestion of carbohydrates (Sugars). Insulin will help regulate the amount of sugar in your blood once it has been broken down by your body and store/utilise it appropriately.

Leptin – The master satiety hormone. This is often trigger by eating fats and tell your body to regulate your appetite accordingly and maintain a hormonal balance with the other hormones in the body.

*Gherlin is the opposing hormone to Leptin as it initiates a hunger response when your body is lacking in certain levels of something (Put simply.) this is the hormone that tells you if you’re out of balance. It is also responsible for promoting Fat Storage too, but that’s a topic of another day.
mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) – This is a cellular regeneration hormone when put simply. If your bodies conditions are optimal you will be in an anabolic state (Muscle building), but if you’re body is weak this same hormone will trigger a catabolic (Breaking down) response to gain essential nutrients needed. This hormone responds once protein has been eaten.

Now those are VERY basic explanations of what each hormone does and what foods trigger them. Normally your body will tell you what it needs, you just need to listen to your body and understand how YOU work.

Your body will try to maintain a level of Homeostasis (Balance) to provide growth (If the required conditions are met, or basic survival.).

How can you apply this to your day to day life?

Controlling Insulin = Controlling Body Fat Levels.
Controlling mTOR = Controlling Lean Tissue Levels.
Controlling Leptin = Controlling Hunger.
Controlling Ghrelin = Controlling Over All Of The Above – If you hear Ghrelins call then you’re lacking in something.

You never want to feel ‘too hungry’ nor do you want to feel ‘too full’ you should strive to feel balanced. All of your bodies hormones are intrinsically linked and balance will only serve to provide you with more optimal health.

This is very basic guys and if you are interested in this subject then I would suggest digging in to some research papers and burying your head in some good books.


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