The Busy Persons Guide to Fitness: Results in 2 Hours or Less!

If you think that your goals will be forever out of reach because you don’t have enough time to train then this post is for you.

With only two training days per week you can achieve some great results, provided you’re willing to have a decent nutritional base and a cast iron will with endless amounts of drive.

Considering your limited time to train I would suggest two full body training days, one based around powerlifting and one around strongman.

For the power lifting bias day the following is a good structure:

Heavy Compound – Sq, Bp or Dl. Pick one and go for a rep PR such as 4 or 3 for example. High set.

Rep Compound – Which ever compound lift you didn’t do heavy, do reps. 8+ reps on Sq/Bp and 6’s for Dl. Moderate set.

Isolation Compound – The last lift will fill this gap. You will not necessarily have to do the lift it’s self, but you can if you want too. This should be to train some weak points and build some muscle with body building style reps. Low set, high reps.

Rotate the lifts each week so all of the lifts go through the heavy, rep and isolation stage, then repeat.


Warm Up: Squat 5,5,5,3,3,3
Squat – 5×3 (Heavy Movement)
Bench – 4×6-8 (Rep Movement)
Deadlift (Isolation Movement) – Good Morning/Straight leg DL/Pull Up 4×8-12
Abs – Ab Rol Out 5×5

*Take as little rest as needed.

The second week this workout comes around the squat would be for reps, the bench would be based on assistance movements and the deadlift would be your heavy lift. Then the week after Your squat would be assistance based movements, your bench the heavy lift and the deadlift for reps.

I mentioned about the reps/set above be here are some rep ranges to use for each:

Heavy Day – 12×2, 10×2, 8×3, 6×4, 15×1 – 5-8 sets of 1 would be a warm up single as you have 6-8 good singles in you.

Rep Day – 6×8, 8×6, 10×5 – The last one is more strength based.

Isolation Day – 5×10, 4×12 – You will want to use super sets on this day to get in lots of volume.

For the second day we would suggest a modified strong man approach, I.E lots of farmers walks, overhead pressing, picking up and moving heavy/strange objects etc. This can be done in a medley style where you pick a group of exercises and do 1-5 rounds, or you can have a strength bias and go for heavy singles, doubles and triples – the choice is yours.

Example Medley:
Warm Up: Clean/Press 6×6

Overhead Press x5
Farmers Walk x 20m
Pull Up x 8-12
Heavy Single Arm Dumbbell Clean x 6 per arm
Rest 1-3min
Repeat 3-5 times.

Example Strength Bias:

Warm Up: Turkish Get Up 1-5 or 1-10 each side

Clean/Press 5,4,3,2,1
Deadlift Variation* 5,4,3,2,1
Front Squat 5,4,3,2,1
Farmers Walk 10x 20m

*Snatch Drip Deadlift, Deficit Deadlift, Trap Bar Deadlift etc.

You can also use moves such as:

Kettlebell/Dumbbell Iron Cross Holds
Plate Prowler
Kettlebell swing
Kettlebell Snatch
Clean/Press – Dumbbells or Bar
Heavy Dumbbell Shoulder Carry/Run
Over Head Squat
Single Arm Overhead Lunge

This day would only be limited by your imagination.

Linking in these two types of training will give you the best results in terms of fat loss, lean muscles building, strength and also fitness.

You will only need 60-90min tops to do these workouts.


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