The Homemakers Guide to a Lean Physique

I hope you have had a good weekend, filled with relaxation and fine wines, but now it is time to get serious and learn a brutal 60min workout that will torch fat like never before.

Are you ready?

The Homemakers Guide to a Lean Physique Part 6: Time to Get Serious.

Warm Up – 10min as many rounds as possible
– 30 Swings 10 Press Ups

Workout – 9-9-9 – 9 Rounds, 9 Exercises, 9 Reps of each

– Goblet Squat
– Clean and Press (double weights)
– Burpees
– Thrusters
– Press ups
– Get Ups
– Sumo High Pulls
– V-sits
– Snatch (per arm)

Core Conditioning –

– One set of rolling plank 4min
– 60 seconds of flutter kicks

Warm Down Stretch –
– Seated Hamstring Stretch
– Hurdler Quad Stretch
– Chest Stretch
– Back Stretch

This is much harder than it looks, but it will give you results. Dig deep and work hard.



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