The Homemakers Guide to a Lean Physique

We have covered the basics, now it’s time to get in to the fun stuff – The Workouts!

The Homemakers Guide to a Lean Physique Part 4: Getting Started.

Today I will give you a ‘Fat Burning, Ass Sculpting, Tummy Toning Workout’ that will only take 20min and require nothing more than your own bodyweight.

The entire workout is based on what is known as an Ascending Ladder. You start at 1 rep of each movement, once you have completed all the necessary reps you add 1 repetition – 1,2,3,4,5… Until you have reached the 20min time limit.

This style of workout does not require a warm up per-se, simply because you will be increasing the volume with each set, starting with relatively low volume then progressively making it harder as you climb the ladder.

Here are the movement combinations:

– 1 Squat – Full ROM – Ass to the floor essentially.
– 2 Lunge – Each side – Knee to the floor.
– 3 Kneeling Press Up – Chest touches the floor.
– 4 Squat Thrust – Knees to chest.
– 5 Burpee – Big jump!
– 6 Plank with Knees to Elbows – Assume a plank position, bring one knee to the opposite elbow.

Do one rep of each, then two, keep going until you hit 20min.

You can look to burn anywhere from 350-500 calories in this simple workout.

This is much harder than it looks. It is worth taking note of your number reached so that the next time you do the workout you have a number to beat.



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