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10 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make

I have seen many a personal trainer just floating around the gym floor not really doing much, this is better than the alternative – sitting in the staff room on Facebook or Youtube.

Do you waste time?

If you’re guilty of this (I certainly was.) I have some great advice to help you avoid making this mistake.

In a nobel attempt to avoid this mistake there are many personal trainers that will keep busy, checking emails as they come in, attempting to write articles for social media amongst the distractions, they will fill their day with various tasks without a structure, but while being busy is good is it productive?

Mistake Number 9: Wasting Time.

How can you avoid falling in to this trap? A Diary.

Having a diary might seem obvious, it is setting up your diary that becomes more challenging, failure to have a structured diary will result in your work-life balance falling out of sync very quickly and your productivity being minimal.


*You can feel free to use either a paper based diary or and electronic one, they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Paper Diaries make you more likely to remember your appointments because you physically have to write them down, but if you lose your diary you will have to write every appointment again.

Electronic Diaries offer more versatility and the ease of setting up repeating appointments, you can set reminders for all of your tasks – clients, marketing etc. One problem with these is if they crash or are not backed up you will lose all you info. It is all down to personal preference, I would suggest trying both diaries and seeing which one works better for you.

A diary will help you become more productive because you can distinguish between whats actually important wand what isn’t.


Planning your diary time accordingly can be tricky, there is always the temptation to deal with every enquiry immediately but this approach will not work for long because you lose track of what you have and haven’t done.

Do you have a daily structure?

Here is a short list in oder of importance:

– Client Appointments
– Consultation Appointments
– Administration (checking emails, invoices, general business tasks)
– Program Writing (client tracking)
– Marketing
– Self Education*
– Miscellaneous Appointments (lunch, doctors, marketing tasks etc)

The key to good time management is working smart. Keep yourself under control by allocating your time sensibly, this will help you stay focused and make your business easier to run.

Here is an example of a typical day:


– 6am – 9am Clients
– 9am – 10am Train
– 10am – 12pm Admin or Marketing – Through Social Media
– 12pm – 1pm Lunch/Self Learning
– 1pm – 2pm Down Time – Relax
– 2pm – 4pm Admin or Marketing – Through Social Media
– 5m – 9pm Clients
– 9pm – 10pm Dinner/ Self Learning
– 10pm – 5am Sleep!


Don’t get dragged in by tasks that can wait. Do what will give you the most benefit and be productive for your business. Stick with your structure and life becomes much easier.

Turn off all notification sounds and focus on the task at hand. Eventually you will find yourself becoming incredibly efficient and very productive.

You want minimal effort with maximal return!

*Self education is very important as it will help you improve your overall quality of work. Don’t forget you never stop learning! I personally advise reading 1 book each week on any of the following – Training, Nutrition, Marketing, Psychology, Business.

Now go sort out a diary and stop wasting time.


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