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10 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make

I have suffered from this problem numerous times, eventually learning from my mistake, but it took time and lots of money to rectify.

This next mistake is one that personally I feel is imperative to avoid.

Mistake Number 8: Budget… What Budget?

Not planning a budget, nay not planning for your overall out goings and business needs can lead to disaster. You must avoid this happening at all costs, otherwise you might just end up in some financial trouble.

We shall use the figures from an example in a previous mistake tip. This way you can like all the posts together and begin to understand exactly how you can apply these to YOUR business.


Previously we said you NEED to make £800 per month to cover bills and general living costs, bills are easy to account for because more often than not they’re pretty regular as are living costs – For this example there is no need to overcomplicate them, but it’s worth keeping a close eye on inflation.

*We shall just put this under the banner of Living Costs.

We aslo claimed that you would like to make an extra £200 per month for your own profit – The total now required is £1000.

As a business you will also want to think not only about your profit but also –

– Marketing Costs (Website, Flyers, Adverts etc)
– Cancellations/Loss
– Products/Merchandise (T-Shirts, Vests, Hoodies etc)
– Equipment (If Applicable)
– Gym Rent (If Applicable)
– Travel (If Applicable)

Using some of the potential costs in the list above here is a sample break down of the budget needs:

* They will be done on a whole months basis.

– Living Costs: £800
– Desired Profit: £200
– Calculated Loss: £120 – Based on 1 Cancelled Session Per Week Aim To Earn This Much Extra.
– Marketing: £100 – Website Hosting/Social Media Averts and Posters for example.
– Merchandise/Products – £50 – Free T-Shirts/Vests *Personal hoodies chargeable to the client.
– Equipment – N/A *
– Gym Rent – N/A *
– Travel – £100* – Based on £25 Per Week.

According to our budget so far you will need to earn £1370 to cover the basic costs.

– Tax* – £137*

*Equipment – If working in a commercial gym you will not need any.
*Gym Rent – Doing free hours for the gym to offset rent payment.
*Travel – Depending on your location to the gym I would advise potentially cycling if close enough.
*Tax – You are allowed a personal earning allowance of £10,900, then you pay 20% tax on anything after this. A minimum Of 10% total earnings per month MUST be saved. In my experience this should be enough to cover your potential tax bill after deductions etc, but if possible save 20%.

When it comes to saving 10% of session fees I would personally take it straight out of the money you’re paid and put it in to a secure account where the money can’t be drawn from.

If you are good with maths that means your tax money has to be taken from your profit leaving you with only £63 profit per month. While this might not seem like much it is unfortunately a necessity in the first 6-18 months of business, sacrifice your own personal profit until you’re more established.


Please take note of my warnings here, it is not nice to be caught without sufficient funds. On the positive side though, if you over budget you can only have some extra cash you didn’t expect it’s much nicer than having less money than you need.



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