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10 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make

When it comes to working in a commercial gym the days can seem long and tedious and trainers want nothing more than to just go home, but this can lead to you missing clients.

If you know the following you can skip to the next article, if you don’t then keep scrolling down.

– When are the busy periods are in your gym?
– When are the people you’re wanting to train in the gym?
– Do you spend more than 5 hours in the gym?
– Are you the first person in and the last to leave?
– Is your face the one people seen no matter what time they’re in?

If you want to be a success you need to put in the hours.

Mistake Number 7: Too Little Too Late.

I have seen many a young trainer start in this industry thinking that people will flock to them and fall at their feet to book sessions, it doesn’t work like that and it never will.

To create a good reputation, nay a good presence, you will need to actually be in the gym pretty much every hour of every day for at least 6 months MINIMUM. If you do this you will know better than most when the gym is busiest and when you’re most likely to get clients.

I know from experience this is the best way to get noticed.

If you have work to do then buy a laptop, sit where you can be seen and get to work, just being in the gym people will notice and because of this you will be who they think of when they mention Personal Training.

Sadly I’ve seen many trainers make this mistake and 6 months down the line have no clients, no income and no passion which has forced them to abandon their dream.

Don’t become one of the numbers that are forgotten in the gym turn over. Make people aware you’re there and you mean business!

The simple secret to boosting your potential for business is simply spending more time in the gym.


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